Cats 'D' Rumbles and Tumbles

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

Before the game there was uncertain of both teams.

Both teams had new starting quarterbacks. Both teams had very young receiving corps.

Only one led his team to victory and hold up the Governor's Cup.

That man was Mike Hartline and Co.

More shall I say it was the University of Kentucky's defense that led the way that forced the U of L offense into 5 turnovers. A game that wasn't close to being what everybody expected.

That's right, it is not a misprint, the cat's defense forced 5 turnovers. Three interceptions and two fumbles, that was both returned for touchdowns. The most exciting was seeing a 305 pound defense lineman return a fumble 72 yards to pay dirt.

In a series where the offense rules, a defense steps up and rewrites the history books.

Both offense's struggled to more the ball. Kentucky had only 210 total yards to Louisvile's 205.

Yet again, the team that won the running game, won the game. Kentucky had only 63 rushing yards to UL's 53.

Passing was not there for either team. UL lead the way with 152 to UK's 147.

But the big story was Uk's defense. Pressure was always in Hunter Cantwell's face. Pressure was always there to clog the hole when they ran the ball.

On the offense side, Mike Hartline played average. Not forcing the ball, throwing it away when nothing was there. The only mistake he made was getting a flag for intentional grounding, resulting in a safety.

At day's end, the defense showed that it is the real deal accounting for two touchdowns. The scoreboard showed that Kentucky is also. It read like this to the fans that stayed to the end.........................................

Kentucky 27, Louisville 2