The Zou: Tracking Mizzou in '08

Mitchell MorseCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

This edition will be short, as I reviewed the Illinois game yesterday.  Just a few injury reports. 

Steve Redmond, a backup linebacker is out for the year with an MCL injury.  The Tigers were already a little short at LB, and this certainly doesn't help. 

Jeremy Maclin, who hurt his ankle away from the play, will be fine.  Many Tiger fans were sweating, but he is listed as probable for the SEMO game on Saturday night. 

William Moore also had a minor injury, but is also listed as probable. 

As for the play of the game yesterday, my pick is Coffman's hurdle play.  Yes, Maclin took the kickoff for a touchdown when they were down, but he didn't make a ton of moves on that.  Coffman's play was incredible, hurdling over an Illini defender, embarrassing the Illini defense almost single-handedly.  It's on this great highlight video on YouTube, check it out: 

That's it for today...