Juan Manuel Marquez: Chasing for the Right Reasons

Richie D. LagudaContributor INovember 30, 2010

Immediately after his masterful performance over Michael Katsidis via a ninth round stoppage, Juan Manual Marquez wasted no time in calling for a third clash with Manny Pacquiao.

GBP’s Richard Shaeffer gave his support by telling the press that they will push for the fight and that they are willing to step back in favor of Top Rank’s promotional demands.

Marquez, who is not used to speaking in English, made his intentions known a little bolder this time by wearing a shirt that says “Marquez beat Pacquiao twice!!” in his efforts to gain attention and force Pacquiao to shut him up by accepting his challenge.

In 2008, Marquez even travelled to the Philippines months after his controversial SD loss against Pacquiao to demand a rematch in front of hundreds of Filipino boxing fans. Both men have since made waves and in the process elevated their status in boxing as future Hall of Famers, with Pacquiao getting the best credits for moving up and dominating bigger oppositions.

Marquez also tried his skills in the Welterweight Division against a returning Floyd Mayweather Jr., but the additional weight was too much for the veteran to carry as Floyd handily outclassed him practically the entire 12 rounds.

With the destruction of Katsidis, Marquez has indeed made a case to be a legitimate next opponent for Pacquiao and whether or not he deserves a shot against the current P4P King will be a hot topic for debate among boxing fans and writers.

Now the tricks, statements and hullabaloos in getting the fight into fruition seemed to have reached its climax stage for Marquez, throwing all the verbal jabs he can throw including the overused “he is ducking me” scenario.

What exactly are the reasons why he so desperately trying to get this trilogy happen even if the venue is going to be in Saturn? I’ll tell you why:


1. The Benjamins

Win or lose, Marquez at 37 knows that a third clash with Pacquiao is the only fight out there for him to make the best paycheck before he finally hangs his gloves while his body can still compete against one of the best if not the very best.

Easily the most lucrative fight of his illustrious career and rightfully so, he deserves to be making this kind of money than a disgraced Margarito.


2. The Pound for Pound Crown

Whoever beats the P4P King is considered the conqueror of the best and therefore has a good chance of being considered the successor of the throne.

Will he be considered on top of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the P4P list for beating Pacquiao? 

Probably not, but if Floyd continues to be inactive, he has a good chance of taking the top spot. Will he be considered atop Sergio Martinez then? Definitely yes, unless Martinez pulls another spectacular victory over another top fighter.


3. The Last Hope for Mexicans

Pacquiao is known by Mexicans as the “Mexicutioner” for defeating Larios, Velasquez, Morales (twice), Barrera (twice), him (Marquez), Diaz, Dela Hoya and recently Margarito. Pacquiao compiled a 10-1-1 (7 KOs) record against Mexican-American opponents.

Since his second fight with Pacquiao, it has been a common line among Pacquiao’s Mexican opponents that they want to avenge all Mexicans Pacquiao defeated in the past. This was heard from David Diaz, Oscar Dela Hoya and not so long ago from a very confident Margarito who came in the ring 17 pounds heavier than Pacquiao.

Unfortunately, none of them were successful. Instead, they all left the ring with disfigured faces. Marquez on the other hand sincerely believes he is the only Mexican boxer in this era whose style can put an end to Pacquiao’s annihilation of Mexican fighters.

And if he succeeds, this will be something Mexico will never forget in a long time. Mexico might just declare that day a special holiday in honor of Marquez.


4. The Legacy, Star Status and More Benjamins

Pacquiao right now is the consensus P4P best, and some boxing personalities even describe him as someone who has transcended the sport of boxing. His popularity even as a non-American athlete is incredible.

He is a hot icon who is idolized by celebrities the likes of Beyonce, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duval and recently even Harry Potter’s star Daniel Radcliff confessed he is a huge Manny Pacquiao fan.

Pacquiao for his unprecedented eighth Championship titles in as many weight division has more than ever achieved what most boxers’ dream of doing. He is loved by many because of his kind demeanour towards his opponents and his adoring fans.

He endorses products both locally and internationally and earns millions of dollars just for wearing boxing shorts with the most printed names of companies and products he endorses.


Beating Pacquiao is Juan Manuel Marquez’s ticket to fame and fortune just like the rest—that’s why they call it the Manny Pacquiao Sweepstakes.

So for all the right reasons, how can you blame this man for chasing to death the biggest fight of his life?