Who Are The Best Fans in College Football?

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2008

It's a great debate: which school has the best fans in all of college football?

I'm going to make my case that the Michigan Wolverines do!

Michigan Stadium is one of the truly remarkable sports venues in the nation. Inside the "Big House", as it is affectionately known, 100,000-plus screaming fans come for each home game to root on the home Wolverines.

This enormous crowd makes playing Michigan incredibly difficult, because their fans simply love to heckle the opponents and make them feel uneasy.

The best game of the year is always Michigan-Ohio State, and when the game is played in the Big House, the city of Ann Arbor essentially shuts down for the game.

Whether it be Bo Schembechler, Lloyd Carr, or Rich Rodriguez at the helm, the fans come out in packs, and there are rarely an open seat. Ticket prices have gone up exponentially over the past couple years to pay for the $212 million renovations, but that doesn't stop the Michigan faithful from filling the House that Bo built.

From Tom Harmon, to President Gerald Ford, to Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson, the list of amazing players goes on.

If you ever get a chance to walk into Michigan Stadium, it honestly feels as though the rest of the United States is in the venue with you. It's just that big!

The raucous bunch of fans recites "Hail to the Victors!" after every Michigan score, and the band is nothing to sneeze at, either.

All the above reasons are why Michigan has the best fans in college football!


I'd love to hear your case for the best fans in the country, so bring it on!