Keep the Faith Gooners...

IAWWT 14wrenceContributor INovember 30, 2010

this is my first time writing on bleacher, so we'll see how it goes.

Every time I go to the emirates, I nearly always sit in the same place, and there is a guy who is a pain in the arse, and never stops moaning about Wenger, just a few seats away.  It seems he speaks for a small section of Arsenal fans, who are getting into that moaning game again, where they are pointing the finger at Arsene Wenger.  Where all they do is rant, about every bad decision he makes when things are not going right, yet ignore every good one.  This happened a couple of years ago also, and I was proud of all those guys who got involved in a march to the emirates in support of Wenger, and shut up them idiots, but they seem to have resurfaced and are making their voices heard again of late.



In my opinion, there is no better person to fit in at Arsenal, as Wenger is irreplaceable, he has made this club how it is, and he will not leave, until his dream has been realised, therefore any manager after Arsene will come and have it easy, thanks to Arsene.  If they got their way and Wenger were to go before the job is completed, I would predict we would join Villa in mid table obscurity, then them numpty’s would no doubt start supporting Spurs, and leave us good honest fans, with a rebuilding job, only Wenger would be capable of.


Basically, Wenger has been suffering with us while the results have not been coming or we have been crumbling, while he has been paying for a new stadium, and rebuilding a team almost from scratch, spending less than nearly any club in the top half of the table.  Not ever making a loss anywhere not even in the transfer market.  Managing to spend wisely, even in an over inflated transfer market - thanks to big spending Chelsea and Man city, and money is no object, Barca and Real a bit further afield – prices are too high yet we are still where we are. 


Fact is we HAVE been enjoying success - constant champs league qualification is a success, just ask Liverpool, Man City or Spurs how much it means to them to get in or not.  Yet we have achieved constant success in that respect, and are the only club, bar Stoke (I think) who does not make a loss.  We now have a shiny 60,000 seat stadium, and are still looking good.


I think our real frustration should be aimed at certain players, and Wenger should aim it at them too I admit that.  Players who came as kids, and he would have had no idea how their personalities would change when they turned pro.  To name and shame, I think Denilson, Bendtner and Diaby are prime examples.  There is no doubt that all 3 have a lot of talent, but all three, can look disinterested, and lack any drive when we need it the most, in my eyes.  They don’t seem to want it enough.  Also with the lack of a captain on the pitch telling them off, they play even worse.  It’s like they need telling to play well, and are not naturally driven (although Bendtner talks a good driven game).


Another area for the focus of frustration is the injuries.  This isn’t Wengers fault though is it?  Unless you agree with the consensus that because we play our beautiful football and the players are too quick they get caught more than other players.  Therefore it is only Wengers fault, because he makes us play so well.  Wherever you point the finger at our constant terrible injury record, whether it be something we do in training, teams playing rough against us, buying a type of player who is naturally fragile, or we are just plain straight unlucky – I think it is safe to assume, we probably would have had at least one more piece of silverware in some competition in the last 6 years if we hadn’t had some key injuries at key times.


I predicted years ago in a blog (wasn’t a hard prediction to make) that Liverpool would fall from grace, due to the way they were running their club.  I can see the same happening to Manure at some point too.  Also should Chelsea and Man City’s owners get bored, then they will be in deeper shit than most.  I would rather be where we are thanks, trophy less for 6 years, but still growing, and still a top 4 club.  Even the most pessimistic of us must secretly feel like another trophy is on the way soon.


Us Arsenal fans have been spoilt for most of Arsene’s time in charge- watching the invincibles strut their stuff, and now some are being similar to a work shy dole dosser, and how they expect the government has a right to look after them, a small section of gooners seem to think Arsene has a right to give us a trophy every season and at any cost even selling ourselves short and our financial stability and future on it.  Now that Arsene has struggled and suffered with the rest of us, some would say more than us, does he not deserve to see the good times come, watch what he has formed and been working on for all this time come into fruition?  All the guy wants is for Arsenal to be a major power for years and years to come, surely that is worth this short lull?  Besides, who could replace him?