Scoff With The Off: Miz Getting His Own Belt, Bryan Singing, Tough Enough News

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 30, 2010

What up, Bleaches? The Off is back with more WWE news, so let's get it.

                                   WWE dropping the spinner belt for Miz?

WWE is considering dropping the spinner belt since the Miz is the champion. It is said that they have already developed a new belt a year ago and are looking to use it.

This brings about some questions of how long the Miz is going to keep his belt if they decide to do this. If they do decide to change, it does this mean the Miz will have a decent reign?

                             Daniel Bryan sings vocals for folk singer Kimya Dawson

Daniel Bryan recorded a song that was a tribute to the late wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano. I never thought I could picture Daniel Bryan singing.

                           Tough Enough is already getting swamped with applications

As of now there are already around 120 applicants who have signed up to be on the returning Tough Enough series. Indy women's star Annie Social has confirmed that she has signed for the show. Also former Michigan State football player Kyle Rasmussen has joined up to try to get back with WWE.

                                                        WWE Birthdays

I thought about adding this a while back but I thought I would start with the most charismatic birthday in the world.

Happy Birthday to...Christian, Tom Zenk, Jim Del Ray, and Bart Sawyer.