Juan Manuel Marquez and Other Knockouts of the Weeekend (With Video)

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 30, 2010

Juan Manuel Marquez and Other Knockouts of the Weeekend (With Video)

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    LAS VEGAS - JULY 31:  WBA/WBO lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (R) hits Juan Diaz in the eighth round of their bout at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marquez retained his WBA and WBO lightweight championship bel
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    I return with the second installment of weekend knockouts, and this one is a little less exciting. Last week there were a ton of good knockouts.

    This weekend has good ones, such as the JMM stoppage and a Giovanni Segura stoppage. The difference, these were stoppages and not jaw dropping knockouts.

    The one exception to that was the Andre Berto knockout. He flattened an over-matched Freddy Hernandez in the first round.

    Lets get to the knockouts of the weekend featuring Marquez, Segura, Berto, Matthew Hatton and Robert Helenius.

Giovanni Segura RTD-7 Manuel Vargas

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    Segura is one of my favorite fighters out there today, and he adds another knockout to his record. He is one of the most exciting fighters out there. If you haven't seen him, look him up.

    He is the best junior flyweight alive, and his knockout, of previously undefeated Ivan Calderon, proved that. This was a busy fight, and he will go back into negations with Calderon.

    There is no knockout time with this video, since Vargas retired before the eighth round. The seventh round was the end of the fight.

Andre Berto TKO-1 Freddy Hernandez (KO at 3:58)

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    A lot of people probably saw this one, but it was the knockout of the weekend for sure. Berto beat a inferior opponent but did it the way he should have.

    After the fight, he said that he wants Manny Pacquiao, but who doesn't these days. Berto is an immense talent and someone who I hold in high regard.

    A lot of other people don't think that he is a future talent, but I disagree. This fight showcased his power, and he has top end speed to go with it.

    If he starts fighting top tier talent he could skyrocket in the boxing world.

Matthew Hatton KO-3 Robert Belge (KO at 7:20)

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    The brother of Ricky Hatton retained his European welterweight title against the totally over-matched Belge. If you're not familiar with Matthew Hatton, he is nothing like his brother.

    He is a blue collar fighter who has some skill but isn't a world class fighter. Since he is somewhat known, he may get a chance against a big name fighter.

    He stopped Belge with a nice left hook to the body.

Juan Manuel Marquez TKO-9 Michael Katsidis

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    This is another fight that almost everyone saw. This was a tough fight for me, since I love both these fighters.

    Katsidis put together a great and gutsy performance, much like he has for his whole career. Marquez showed why, even at an advanced age, he is still a pound for pound fighter.

    Marquez wants to settle the score with Pacquiao. It is a fight I want to see but who knows if we will? It may be a mismatch at 147, but it will settle the score.

    I hope to see Katsidis fighting soon and hopefully winning the world title that he deserves.

    If you want to jump to the final barrage, go to 1:30 and watch from there.

Rocky Fuentes TKO-2 Inthanon Sithchamuang (KO at 7:24)

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    Fuentes is good flyweight with a record of 25-5-1 and 21 knockouts. He is better than his record, and he took some of the losses early in his career when he was learning on the job.

    This was one of the nicer knockouts of the weekend. He retained his OPBF flyweight title with the knockout victory.

Martin Murray TKO-3 Carlos Nascimento (KO at 7:30)

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    Murray moves to 21-0 with eight knockouts, with the stoppage of the below average Nascimento. Murray won the vacant WBA international super middleweight title.

    Murray is looking for bigger fights after this win and may get one. He is a very good prospect at the middleweight or super middleweight division.

    This is the third loss for Nascimento in 28 fights. His other losses are to titleholder Sergi Dzinziruk and fringe contender Pawel Wolak.

Robert Helenius TKO-2 Vs Attila Levin (KO at 4:20)

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    In a very good heavyweight fight (yes those still exist) prospect Helenius beat Levin from pillar to post. Helenius is a fighter I like a lot in the heavyweight division, but others do not.

    He is huge, at 6"6 and a half inches, but comes in at a slim 237 pounds. "The Nordic Nightmare" is a raw fighter with a decent punch and a lot of length.

    He is not quite there yet, but, with some time and training, he could be a future titleholder. His biggest weakness is hand speed.

    He may be one of the slowest fighters in the heavyweight division right now.

    The whole fight was good, and I suggest you watch it if you have the time to watch two rounds. Helenius retained his European heavyweight title for the first time and added the WBO intercontinental title.