The 10 Worst NFL Clichés

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst ISeptember 1, 2008

We've all heard 'em. Listed below are the most trite, annoying sayings you might hear NFL players, coaches, front office personnel, or broadcasters say.


We just want to continue to get better.

No, duh—I thought you were trying to get worse.


We just have to play for the full 60 minutes.

Really? I thought each game was only 30 minutes long. That would explain why no team would sign me after my fifth team in five weeks released me.


We may have won, but they played a great game, too. I have a lot of respect for them.

Um, we won by 50 points. How can the other team have played that poorly and still be considered to have played a great game? And how could you possibly respect a team you just slaughtered?


The injury is worse than we thought, and we're going to take our time getting him back on the field.

Really? Because I thought you were going to rush him back out on the field next week to play on a broken leg.


It is what it is.

Well it's not what it isn't. 

I can't tell you how often I've heard this one. I don't have a sarcastic response for this one, but this is the one most often used, in my opinion. Panthers head coach John Fox is especially guilty of using this cliché.


We're disappointed about not making the playoffs. It wasn't our goal.

You wanted to make the playoffs? I didn't realize that! You could also use this example with a Super Bowl loss.


These two teams have really gone back-and-forth today!

They have? I didn't notice! That's what happens when one team has to give the ball to the other team and the game changes direction.


We didn't start the season the way we wanted to.

No—I thought you wanted to lose by 50 points in your season opener!


We didn't accomplish our goal last season.

No, dip, you didn't! You went 0-16 last year, rockhead!


We're happy to have made the playoffs.

No, really? I thought you desperately wanted to miss the playoffs so you could sit on your fat butt while you watch the playoffs from your living-room sofa.


These are just the ones I could come up with. Feel free to comment with your own—I'm sure I missed some.