WWE Raw Vs Smackdown 2009 the Best Edition Yet

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

This Video game has been criticized when people first heard about the theme of the game being Tag Team-based. But once people saw the demo, which was very noticeable for the new "Hot Tag" feature and "Blind Tag" features, as well as the new bone crushing double team finishers.

This game may be the big debut for Kofi Kingston, Beth Phoenix, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase too. This game will probably be the best for many new twists to it.

The new, first-time-ever Inferno match got people talking. This match not only lets you fight in the match, they also let the heat flow while you do high impact moves and the degrees can go up as far as over 550 degrees!

Man, if you ask me, that is one hot feature! There may be more development story on that later possibly with Kane.

Since this feature was revealed, could the Punjabi Prison match debut too?

Prior to all this, they finally improved the backstage attack. You can finally attack in the locker room. Also, you are able to attack after a match and keep on attacking with the bell ringing.

The new Create-a-Finisher is also a killer improvement. You can now make the most powerful signature move to never be made in WWE. Yes all you Petey William fans out there, you can finally make the Canadian Destroyer, and to all you old CM Punk fans, you can make a new-and-improved Pepsi Plunge.

Also the little adjustment that has been taken under notice is the entrances. More realistic now, CM Punk comes out with his shirt, and Kennedy comes out with his shirt. Sounds sweet huh?

To the millions and millions of Rock fans out there, I am sorry to say this, but The Rock might possibly not be in the game as a legend (this is going to be the first game The Rock will not appear in). The reason being that The Rock's actions taken after the Hall of Fame ceremony and because they want 10 fresh legends to never be put on the game.

The rumored goal for THQ and Yukes to hit is 70 wrestlers. Sounds good huh? This might be the debut of many new wrestlers and excitement of WWE Fans all over the world as they control more than they ever have before. This game is cooking up anticipation to not only me, but lots of others over the Internet too.

This game is finally making the Superstar Countdown on IGN.com to finally announce ALL the roster, and reveal the first superstar of the amazing countdown. Be sure to stay tuned on IGN.com for the annual Smackdown Countdown.