Quick Hits: NHL09, the Leafs, Sakic and more

Dan LondonCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

There is not that much going on in the NHL right now. We are still a few weeks away from the players reporting to camp and the first pre-season games are starting in late September. With college football kicking off this weekend (Go Heels) at least we know hockey is right around the corner.

Some Quick Hits from Around the NHL

The PS3 EaSports NHL 09 demo came out on Thursday. I have not had time top download it and check it out as I have been in Salem, Oregon for the past few days, but the reviews on the web are positive. I’m looking forward to picking it up when it comes out on the 9th.

The Carolina Hurricanes have invited Jeff O’Neill to camp. He might have a shot at making the team, but having been out of the for a year and not playing much at the end of his time in Toronto could be an issue.

Joe Sakic decided to come back for one more season with the Avalanche. He might have an impact on the team, but the Avs will still struggle to make the playoffs in the West.

Still no word on when/where/if Mats Sundin will play this season and, honestly, does anyone care anymore?

The Panthers and Leafs are close to a deal for McCabe. Mike van Ryn and a first round draft pick are said to be what is going back to Toronto. This is way too much to give up for him. It also might signify Jay Bouwmeester being dealt sooner rather than at the deadline.