TCU Horned Frogs Are Heading Eastward, Moving To The Big East

joshua williamsContributor IINovember 29, 2010

Gary, East is the other way.
Gary, East is the other way.Eric Draper/Getty Images

Its official. Texas Christian will go to the Big East, in 2012, in all sports and not as a football only member.

This will give the Big East 17 schools with one more still possible.  Rumors say they would still  prefer Villanova, but Central Florida, Temple, Memphis, Houston, and East Carolina are still considered in the mix as well.  The next school may determine the conference's future as it may end up separating from its non-FBS members.

This would result in two new conferences looking like this:







South Florida



West Virginia





Notre Dame


Saint John's

Seton Hall


Both would need to add more schools. Notre Dame could still be invited to C1 as a non-football member, keeping them as a basketball power.  Nova will probably always have a spot open for them, should they decide to go. 

Now some might be asking, "What about Georgetown? They have an FCS program."  They aren't good enough, nor is the football program big enough yet for an invite in the near future. Once they build it back up to what it use to be, maybe, but not now. (There was a 19 year hiatus from '51 to '70 where there was no competitive varsity football and when they did come back in '70 it was as D-III)  Give them time, C1 would like to have them and the D.C. area join eventually.

C2 won't be dead either: The schools remaining are basketball oriented and will be a force to be reckon with by themselves.  To build their numbers up, they can invite Big East associated member and current MAAC member Loyola.  Should the Owls be left out of C1, they would make a nice addition as would A-10 member Xavier. Milwaukee, who has an existing rivalry with Marquette, might be considered as well.

The Mountain West will probably go after SMU now, meaning they will still need one more from a list of schools I have named in another article.

Time will tell what the results of this shake up will cause, but it will be exciting to watch nonetheless.