USC and Alabama the Two Standout Teams from Saturday

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IAugust 31, 2008

14 hours of college football?  Yes, I'm in my world that's highly likely each and every Saturday during the season.  As I sat in my recliner for a long time, USC and Alabama looked dominant from start to finish.

Pete Carroll's Trojans have in the last few years traveled out to different environments and played remarkably well: see last year at Nebraska, '03 at Auburn, and '05 at Hawaii.  This year was no different, as the talent-laden Trojans completely dominated the hapless Virginia Cavaliers.

Mark Sanchez looked great completing passes to his tight ends and running backs.  The one negative was the lack of use of the wideouts.  Ronald Johnson had one long touchdown catch, but overall the wideouts weren't overly used.

Alabama was supposed to be the third-best team in the SEC West.  Clemson was supposed to be the class of the ACC.  After Saturday night, one might consider Alabama one of the best in the SEC—and Clemson one of the average teams of the ACC (what a surprise!).

Nick Saban can win.  He may not have many friends, but the guy can coach, recruit, and motivate even the young ones (see Julio Jones).  Alabama's offensive and defensive lines looked unstoppable, making holes for the running game and shutting down C.J. Spiller and James Davis (even though they only carried the ball eight times).

I wouldn't be shocked too see the Crimson Tide playing for the SEC Championship in December.

It was a great start to the college football season—and I'm sure there will be plenty more as the season continues.