Boise State Broncos: What Should They Learn From the Nevada Loss?

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent INovember 28, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 06:  Boise State Broncos head coach Chris Petersen watches from the sidelines against the Virginia Tech Hokies at FedExField on September 6, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

24–7 at halftime and most of the country went to bed,figuring that Boise State was in position to win and who needs to be up so late with so much turkey in the belly?  I didn’t feel sleepy but I too went to bed.

It didn’t seem right.

I had fallen asleep during the Oklahoma game and figured that I needed to watch.  I opened up my laptop and checked the score on ESPN.  End of the third and Nevada had given Boise nothing but trouble and were on their way to score again.  I moved quickly through the house of sleeping guests to the basement television, everyone was down there 10 minutes later with the same feeling.  Nevada was making a game of it and they wanted to see what was going to happen.

The tide had turned. The same people who watched the game against Oklahoma and cheered for BSU were now pulling for the Wolf Pack. 

But why?  Why has there been a dramatic change in the attitudes of fans towards BSU? 

The blue turf is the beginning of the list.  It is painful to watch a game on television; many have been known to change the tint on their televisions to make everything greener.  Why would such a wonderful city full of natural beauty have such an unnatural field?

The media coverage is too much.  Fans of other schools get tired of being told how good a team that is not their own.  Overexposure is as bad as underexposure if not more so.  BSU has been overexposed.

Fans can make or break a program on the national stage.  I am referring to those fans who don’t listen to alternate viewpoints and blame one person for the loss.  Think of the time when the new kid came to school.  The one that knew everything about anything and was better than you in every activity, at least according to what he said.  Remember what happened when he was defeated for the first time.  Exactly the same thing is happening to BSU now.

This is evident in the recent topics online. 

Calling for a boycott of their bowl game if it isn’t prestigious enough is not the answer.  That any one player is at fault for the loss is another.  That Nevada didn’t really beat BSU is untrue.  These people are not fans of BSU, they will be the ones that won’t show for the final game. 

Good riddance.

Timeline of BSU success in and of itself is not an issue but the portrayed arrogance that BSU is somehow entitled to everything the big schools have makes the wrong enemies.  An example is BSU and their scheduling.  BSU doesn’t have the money to bring in the big schools and will not play two away or two away and one at home.  They look for the home and home, this will not happen unless BSU pays and they have thus far refused.

Strength of schedule.  Remember the new kid in fifth grade?  How would you have reacted if he beat on little first graders all year?  BSU is that bully.

For example, there was a point in the game where BSU had five penalties for 70 yards.  They had lost control and that one stat proves it.  They were playing with more than the chip on their shoulder, they were playing dirty.  The only way you get five for 70 is four major penalties and a ten yarder.  The writing was on the wall in the first half, they were primed for a loss.  

So the nation watched Nevada vs. BSU like you would watch a sixth grader pummel a bully for a little while.  

That leaves us to the game.  BSU was beat by Nevada, they lost the game to the better team of that day.  They lost because they didn’t play as a team.  They wore down in the fourth quarter, a quarter most of them had seen very little of all season. 

Finally, BSU is losing the National fan base they had just a few years ago.   The loss to Nevada might drop the dead weight fans making BSU the team many fell in love with just a few years ago.