NTWWC Cycle 1- NXT Gen. Week 4

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NTWWC Cycle 1- NXT Gen. Week 4

Hello all! Welcome to another week of NTWWC! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jumping right into things; two weeks ago we challenged you rookies to write an article with your fantasy roster. First up, Jade:


How wonderful was that? Well, savor it, because Jade was the only person to hand in her task.

Insert a 'shake my head moment' here.

Not only did I give you rookies two weeks to hand it in, but I laid it out perfectly for you! All you truly had to do was give your own OPINION. Not too hard I think. So, as a repercussion for lack of entries, the next elimination will be a double-elimination, which means you guys better be on your A-game. Not only because of that, but because whoever moves on will go to the finals to win NTWWC once and for all!

Now Jade, I realized you did a lot in a short amount of time, so your prize for handing in your entry will be immunity. This also means Double-A is not eliminated! I was honestly tempted to just give Jade the win, but decided to give you all another chance since life does in fact get in the way sometimes.

Do you like next week's challenge?

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Added in to next week's elimination is YOU the FANS! That's right, the fans will be involved with NTWWC! How so? They will be the ones voting for who moves on and who is eliminated! So you all better impress!

Onwards to the challenge:

Challenge: "Soundtrack of My Life"

This weeks' challenge is to create a soundtrack to any women's wrestler's wrestling career. Match the songs to the person's career. So you'll basically be covering that person's career with songs matching every pivotal point in it. It can be any woman, from any company, in any era. Yes, everyone can use the same person if it ends up being that way—although it will take originality away from it.

The next article is due Sunday, December 5th at 12:00 AM.

Now get to writing!


Note: Thank you all for being patient with the posting of results. I know it's pretty lackluster, but look forward to next week!

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