The Hottest Hand Bras in Sports

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2010

The Hottest Hand Bras in Sports

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    What's a hand bra?  It's when hands are used in place of actual bras.

    Women like to cover up their breasts even when they're topless, making their photos even sexier.

    There are tons of hotties with hand bras all over the web.

    But they're spread all over the place.  That's why this slideshow was put together, to keep it all in one place.

    What does this have to do with sports?  All the hotties are involved in sports in one way or another.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy the slideshow.  Here are the hottest hand bras in sports!

Honorable Mention: Boxer Babe

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    Who cares if she's not a real athlete.

    She's got boxing gloves on, so that counts for something. 

    This photo is awesome.

30. Laure Manaudou, Swimmer

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    Ms. Manaudou is a French swimmer who has competed in multiple World Championships and the 2008 Olympics.

    She also likes to pose in front of a camera while covering her boobs.

29. Diana Taurasi, Basketball

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    She may have sleepy eyes, but she's got plenty of game.

    Taurasi plays for the Phoenix Mercury.

28. Serena Williams, Tennis

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    Here's the always-curvy Serena Williams.


27. Mia St. John, Boxer

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    If you want a peek, she just may knock you out.

    Watch out.

26. Lauren Jackson, Basketball

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    This tall, Australian blonde has a slender build and mad basketball skills.

    She's a three-time WNBA MVP and two-time WNBA Champion.

25. Lindsey Vonn, Skiier

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    Meet one of the hottest skiers around, Lindsey Vonn.

    Yes, it does get cold in the snow.

    Don't complain.

24. Gabrielle Reece, Volleyball

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    Gabby, a pro volleyball player, has graced the pages of Playboy magazine.

    January 2001, in case you wanted to look for it.

23. Natalia Ragozina, Boxing

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    Another great use of boxing gloves.

    She's just as hot as she is intimidating.

22. Eva Longoria, Former WAG

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    Here's Tony and Eva during better times.

    The good news that came out of his cheating is—she's single again!

21. Carrie Prejean, WAG

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    Carrie was the former Miss California and recently married former NFL quarterback Kyle Boller.

    She did get in trouble after winning her crown.


    For that super-sexy picture you're looking at right now.

20. Jenn Sterger, Gameday Host

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    How can anyone not know Jenn?

    She's the reason Brett Favre has been dodging questions regarding his privates all season long.

19. Katarina Witt, Ice Skating

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    It's been said that Katarina Witt's Playboy issue sold the second-most copies in history.

    Only Marilyn Monroe sold more.

18. Lisa Dergan, Sports Reporter and WAG

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    Dergan is the extremely hot sports reporter married to lucky Scott Podsednik.

    She also speaks Japanese.

17. Malia Jones, Surfer

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    Jones is one sexy professional surfer.

    She's so hot, she eventually became a model for Sports Illustrated.

16. Christy Cooley, WAG

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    Meet Christy Cooley, wife of Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley.

    She loves to pose wearing nothing but hand bras.

16. Christy Cooley, WAG

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    Here she is in team colors.

    Chris and Christy first met when she was a Redskins cheerleader.

16. Christy Cooley, WAG

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    Then they got hitched after a brief courtship.

    Can you blame Chris?  She's hot!

15. Danica Patrick, Racing

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    She's sexy when she races, and she's even hotter when she wears swimsuits.

    And goes topless.

14. Fabiola Da Silva, Inline Skater

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    Watch out boys!

    Fabby is a pro inline skater.

    She can probably outskate any of you.

13. Ana Ivanovic, Tennis

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    This beautiful Serbian hottie looks stunning without a bra.

    But don't let that fool you, she can also swing a tennis racket pretty well.

12. Sina Schielke, Sprinter

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    Don't tell anyone about this sexy German sprinter. 

    Keep her all to yourself.

11. Amanda Beard, Swimmer

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    Ah, yes, Amanda is a legend.

    For her swimming accomplishments, as well as her many hot pictorials.

10. Elin Nordegren, Former WAG

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    Take a look at Elin, and you can see that she's near perfection.

    It's just too bad Tiger didn't realize that.

9. Gina Carano, MMA Fighter

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    Gina can stun you with her looks, and she can also knock you out with her timely jabs.

9. Gina Carano, MMA Fighter

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    Don't mess with her.

8. Amy Taylor. Soccer

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    It's too bad Amy is now retired from soccer.

    It would have been quite a thrill to see her score a goal. 

7. Ana Paula Mancino, Volleyball

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    Looking at Ana, you probably wouldn't peg her for an athlete.

    But she is!

7. Ana Paula Mancino, Volleyball

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    Volleyball is her sport.

    And modeling is something she also does on the side.

    She definitely has potential.

6. Brooklyn Decker, WAG

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    Andy Roddick is one lucky man.

    For marrying this supermodel.

6. Brooklyn Decker, WAG

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    Yes.  She doesn't like bras.

5. Irina Shayk, WAG

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    Just this past weekend, GQ Spain got in trouble for allegedly posting unapproved photos of Irina.

    She alleges they Photoshopped her underwear away without her consent.

    But she's posed without underwear before.  Like in this Maxim photo.

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4. Marisa Miller, NFL Spokesperson

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    She's the NFL's model spokesperson.

    Don't you just want to watch football games if she asks you to?

3. Tina Wallman, Poker

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    Wallman is a poker spokesperson.

    If she tells you to go all in, do it!

    And yes, poker is a sport because she says so.

2. Francesca Piccinini, Tennis

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    This beauty was known to play tennis in her younger days, before becoming a model.

2. Francesca Piccinini, Tennis

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    Here's proof right here!

1. Arianny Celeste, MMA Girl

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    Our final hottie is Arianny Celeste.

    Because no one ever gets tired of looking at this MMA ring girl.

    No one.