Chelsea's Owner Roman Abramovich Eyes Barcelona's Manager-Pep Guardiola

DENZEL CHRISTOPHERContributor INovember 28, 2010

New Chelsea target: Josep Guardiola
New Chelsea target: Josep GuardiolaDavid Ramos/Getty Images

Given the upheaval surrounding Chelsea these days and with Carlo Ancelotti looking increasingly marooned on Roman’s Island, Barca may have reason to be concerned.

Pep Guardiola’s one-year contract leaves the Catalan club in a weaken position should Abramovich come calling. He desires to have a Chelsea club that would play like Barcelona: beautiful ball movement when in possession and relentless pressure to recover it when not.

Thus far, the Russian has tried four managers in six years. It would appear that the recent sacking of first team coach—Ray Wilkins—was just a statement of intent on his part to change things at Chelsea once again. The invisible and sinister way that things are done at Stanford Bridge should give any prospective manager food for thought.

To have axed Jose Mourinho after all that he achieved was illogical but understandable, given his penchant for drama and controversy let alone the unattractive soccer Chelsea played under him.

In Carlo Ancelotti, the Blues have a quiet and thoughtful football manager who shuns the limelight effortlessly. His cool personae masks a highly competitive but honorable man.

In recent weeks, his hands have been tied, very publicly, by the club owner with the Wilkins incident and the summer clear-outs that has resulted in a bad run of games by their standards.

Against this back drop, Pep is being courted by stilt. Compensation is likely to be a non-issue, as he is on a one-year extension. For once, Barca might face a situation not too dissimilar to what AC Milan went through in terms of Roman tasting the waters to know how possible a move might fare.

For a man equally gentle and ambitious, Guardiola may decide to take a chance at Chelsea and ignore all the consequences. With spending restraints now in vogue at Chelsea, it would be a daring decision should Barca's favorite son decide to head for the Bridge. However, fortune favors the brave, goes a saying.

In this context, it would be a mighty one at that!