Toronto Raptors: With Reggie Evans Out, Team's Season Is Doomed

Brent NaultCorrespondent INovember 27, 2010


It was only a few days ago that I wrote an article about the possibility of the Toronto Raptors having a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.  Now, I am not too sure about that.

Things were looking up in Raptorland and, for once, there was a buzz around the team, as they were in the midst of a four game win streak.  They were playing passionate and inspired basketball, and were looking like a potential playoff team. 

Probably the best player so far for the Raptors this season was Reggie Evans, who is third in the league in rebounding with a jaw dropping 12.1 rebounds per game.

Reggie had a disappointing first season as a Raptor, as he was sidelined with a foot injury that kept him out for a good portion of the season; and even when he returned, he didn't look very good.

Yesterday, the Toronto Raptors' exciting four game winning streak came to an end on a very sad note as the Toronto Raptors learned that Evans would be shelved for an unspecified amount of time with a broken foot, as he landed awkwardly on the foot of Ray Allen in the fourth quarter.

This is devastating to the Raptors who had just started to gain some momentum and had been playing good hard nosed defense that was lead by Reggie Evans.  Reggie was a spark plug and played with fire and passion that no one could copy.  He was in tremendous shape and was giving his all.

Now that Reggie is gone, the Raptors are lacking some serious depth.  A few days ago, it was announced that the Raptors had traded away David Andersen in the deal that saw Jarrett Jack traded to the Hornets, which means that the only players the Raptors have now who can play the power forward position are Julian Wright, Amir Johnson, Peja Stojakovic, and Joey Dorsey.  It is evident that Amir Johnson will start, but the problem is the bench.  No offense to Peja, but he has not played the four position very much and probably wouldn't be very good on defense.  I love Julian Wright, but he is a bit undersized for the position, and Joey Dorsey is still a bit raw.

The only positive thing to come out of this is the hope that Ed Davis can be called up relatively soon and get some more time to play when he arrives with the big club.

However, Reggie Evans said on his twitter today that the injury may not be as severe as first thought, so all may not be lost. It is possible that Reggie could be back in two to three weeks--- nevertheless, I don't see this happening, especially considering Reggie's history with foot injuries and the lingering effects that foot injuries seem to carry.  But of course, if he can return quickly, that would be great. 

In conclusion, the loss of Reggie is huge and the Raptors will probably not recover if he does not return soon.  It is unfortunate, as things were just getting exciting.