Michael Jordan Advises LeBron James Through YouTube Commercial Mashup

Anthony LifrieriContributor INovember 27, 2010

You can come back form this LeBron.  You just need to win.
You can come back form this LeBron. You just need to win.Marc Serota/Getty Images

In a new YouTube mashup, Michael Jordan advised LeBron James on “What he should do.”  Granted, the commercial is not real, but a very clever splicing of two commercials. However, its message is fundamentally clear.  LeBron James needs to take responsibility for his actions, play great basketball and win championships.

The context of the video showcased MJ saying it was his fault for LeBron’s shortcomings, saying Jordan himself made the game look too easy.  It also quoted Mr. Jordan saying that he should have done a better job of letting today’s young players know that he worked every day of his life to be the best in the world.

Here is a link to the video:



This mashup of the two players best symbolize the differences between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.  Michael always was the hard worker who fought and scrapped for every inch he got on and off the court.  The only thing his royal airness cared about was winning championships, and that’s why he won six NBA Titles in the 1990’s.

LeBron is now a seven-year veteran, and needs to carry himself like one.  Mr. James needs to work hard for every little scrap he can get, and not assume things will just be handed to him, like his Hummer in high school.

Stop acting like “King” James and just be a great player.  There is no doubt he is a great player on the court because he does make the players around him better when things go well.  Remember, great leaders, give all the credit and take all the blame:  Something LeBron seems to do the opposite of.

In sports as well as in real life, it is adversity, which makes someone truly GREAT.  It seems every time LeBron has faced adversity, he seems to pack it in--see the last two games of the Cavs’ last playoff run last year.  In short, LeBron needs to do one thing--work to become legendary, not expect to become legendary.