What Can We Take Away From The First Game Of The RichRod Era?

Corey McSweeneyAnalyst IAugust 31, 2008

Well, that wasn't what I wanted to see yesterday. The new offense struggled mightily and the defense underperformed in the first half. That's a potent cocktail for a season's worth of misery. 

The defense stepped up in the second half however, allowing zero points and a fraction of the yardage they gave up in the first half. But then you have the offense.

Sheridan and Threet both looked like they aren't going to be the answer, unless the progress quickly this week in practice. Sheridan started off OK, but at least twice tried the scramble that the QB is supposed to be able to do in this system and then tried to throw a deep pass, once across his body. Both should have been picked off. 

Threet didn't look much better. He looked nervous and in dire need of game experince. I mean, there's no way a 6"6 quarterback should get a ball tipped at the line. 

One more thing worried me as well. Where was the run game? That was supposed to be the part of the offense that was supposed to perform kind of well, and they managed a grand total of 36 yards. Sweet. Hopefully they step up next week against Miami of Ohio. 

Granted, Utah played great. For the guys who are saying that they have a chance to be the non-BCS team to make it big this year, they have a chance and then some. Still, Michigan should have played better, especially in the first half.  

If RichRod stays with one of these two QB's, I got to hope he goes with Threet. The reason I think that Sheridan started was that he was supposed to have a better mobility, but I didn't see it. Going forward, I think's Threet's arm will do more damage than Sheridan's legs. 

However, I would like to see the true freshman Justin Feagin get a shot. He's supposed to be the true dual threat guy this offense craves. Look for him to get his chance, and soon, if the other two don't step up. 

There's no doubt this team is going to struggle some this year. I do trust in RichRod and his tactics, however, and believe he will figure it out enough to get the team to a bowl game. I don't think he should abandon his system. He's here for the long term, and needs to get the whole team on board with how he does things. 

Hopefully Miami doesn't make me feel the same way next week. 


Note: Justin Feagin was redshirted over the weekend. So much for that prediction.