Wrestling: Man's Toughest and Oldest Sport

Tommy DawkensContributor IAugust 31, 2008

The titled world's oldest sport, Wrestling has been around for thousands of years. The NFL, NBA, MLB are all babies compared to Wrestling. Along with track and field, Wrestling was in the first Olympics, so many years ago, when i say first I mean Athens, Greece B.C., Wrestling was around before Jesus was born and is considered the holiest sport being it is the ONLY sport mentioned in the bible.

What makes wrestling more honorable than other sports? The pride one takes in wrestling is unlike any other sport, Most kids start in their little league, or pop warner football, they have aspirations to make it to the MLB or NFL, this is the purest love of the game. They have no care about the millions that are made in the pros, they simply want to make it to be playing on Sundays. As they grow older and realize the world is expensive they no longer do it for the love, they do it to make it somewhere, to make the millions, to get a scholarship, etc, etc. Then they watch players like Steven Jackson holdout for MORE money, what message does this send kids? Wrestling is different, there is no money to be made in wrestling. Wrestlers do it for pure pride.

Wrestlers have NO ONE to blame if they lose, unlike team sports wrestlers are out there alone and have no one that can stop them from doing a stupid move. If a quarterback throws a pick six and loses the game for his team, the wide receiver has nothing to do with that, the offensive line could do nothing about that. It was the quarterbacks fault he did not check it to the running back or go through his read, I've seen it countless times, and its still hard for me to watch. Wrestling is different, You and an opponent, thats it. Pressure at big tournaments is unbelievable. Any basketball player, even in the NBA, has never felt the pressure of an NCAA final wrestling match. In the NBA they are watching you and 9 other players with around 20,000 fans. NCAA wrestling finals between 20,000 and 40,000 fans depending on the venue, on a raised mat with all of them staring at you and your opponent with the ref to call the points, You have seven minutes to prove you are the best in the country.

I know all the stereo types for wrestling, I've heard them all about a million times. Now I know there are those out there that have little or no understanding of the sport. for those who are uncomfortable with their sexuality, which is those who see wrestling as "gay." Think about it logically instead of the narrow mind that most of the naysayers have, if you look at wrestling and that is all you see who seems "gay" then its not the guys out there fault. They are out there to kill each other and someone who sees it any other way is the questionable one. I ask you to try this challenge, find someone who has HS or college wrestling experience  and ask them to simply go for a minute, do your best to defend yourself and if you try that and if one "gay" thought runs through your mind, you let me know. Warning: wrestlers know moves that can be dangerous and can result in serious injury, so do this at your own risk and make sure the person knows you have no idea what your doing. 

I leave this article with a few stories wrestling for those who think wrestling is "gay".

I heard this first story from Jack Spates, Head Wrestling Coach University of Oklahoma. He started that he was sitting in his office one afternoon in the fall of 1993, when he received a call from Gary Gibbs who was the head football coach at the time at Oklahoma, Gibbs went on to explain that two of his offensive linemen had been injured badly and were admitted to the emergency room earlier that night after they had attacked one of Spate's wrestlers and he had fought back, Spates asked what the wrestler's name was and Gibbs told him, after Gibbs told him Spates laughed to himself he said, The wrestler was the team's 125lb starter. You don't have to believe the 125lb wrestler took on two 300lb linemen but, anyone who has seen 125lb wrestlers know they are some of the quickest humans on planet earth, and the two lineman who got their butts handed to them would prefer you didn't believe it too.

This past season in the 141 NCAA Finals a wrestler broke his ankle in the finals when he was winning, then he got back up and finished the match with 30 seconds left to go on to win his first NCAA championship. No NFL or NBA player would ever do that, AND they are paid! This guy wasn't getting paid he finished on pure pride. He's more of a man than any basketball player will ever be.(Look is up on Youtube, 141 2008 Wrestling NCAA Wrestling Finals, Jaggers vs. Mendes)

Recently i heard about a fight that got started when some drunk frat guys picked on a 165lb wrestler and 174lb wrestler when campus police arrived the found 5 guys unconscious another 11 with injuries, when they found the two wrestlers one of them had a scratch on their arm.