Don't Take A Cat Nap On These Sleepers...

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008


Since fantasy football comes down mainly to knowledge, who should be taken later on as sleepers? 


These are the top players at each position as we see it in no particular order. 



-Jake Delhomme (Healthy after surgery last year, don’t count him out just yet with all his new weapons on offense this year).

-Matt Schaub (Man did this boy look sharp at times last year, if he can stay healthy this year look at him to make a big impact on a team with plenty of upside on it’s roster).

-Chad Pennington (He won’t be amazing, but will get the job done; will make an excellent bye week filler with the right match up).


-Steve Slaton (There are injury problems on the depth chart in Houston, the talent is there, and he was a beast in college so look for Slaton to take advantage of the situation down in Houston).

-Tim Hightower (If his coach doesn’t mind change, Edge’s days are numbered as Hightower has a nose for the endzone and will steal valuable fantasy points from Edge.  Definitely snatch up Hightower late in the draft if you end up with Edge).

-Chris Johnson (In preseason he has shown flashes of his speed and agility that will only help when or if Lendale White continues to get hurt, definitely pick him up in the later rounds of your draft if you select White earlier).

-Kevin Smith (I have been noticing in fantasy drafts lately that this man has been passed up quite a bit, he is the starter for the Lions now run first offense.  If he is on the board in the later rounds of your fantasy draft, draft him with confidence).

-Ricky Williams (With Ronnie Brown’s health still in question, Williams will get a bulk of the carries as the Dolphins number one running back; he will make a great backup in the right situation on your Fantasy team this year).


-Troy Williamson (The former 7th pick overall, he is on a Jaguars team that does not have a go to guy now, if he can fix his butter-fingers, he could develop into that go to guy everyone has hoped for).

-DeSean Jackson (He has impressed us throughout the preseason and looking at the Eagles depth at wide receiver right now, he is going to get his chance to shine).

-Robert Meachem (He has showed us in preseason why he was chosen in the first round last year, and he may even supplant The General David Patten for the second receiver slot in the Saints pass friendly offense by mid-season).

-Ted Ginn Jr. (Pennington doesn’t have a great arm as we all know but with a guy like Teddy Ginn in your receiving core, he has the ability to make you look good.  I predict no sophomore slump for Ginn this year so feel free to nab him later on in your draft day).

-Chris Henry (Not many people will like this pick but with the Bengals depleted and hurt receiving core this year look to Henry to contribute starting week five after his suspension is up).

-Jabar Gaffney (In limited action as a fourth receiver on the Patriots roster last year he put up decent numbers.  Now as the third receiver for the Patriots, look for Gaffney to get his fair share of looks from Tom Brady and to put up decent numbers once again).


-Owen Daniels (Minus Andre Johnson, there are no great threats in the vertical game; he will help put up numbers while stretching the field out for the Texans).

-Dustin Keller (Favre likes to throw to his TE’s, and do not be shocked if he plays a little slot WR, the next Kellen Winslow Jr. could be right here).

-Kevin Boss (This man is getting no love in Fantasy Drafts this year.  Let me remind you how well Boss played for the injured Jeremy Shockey in last year’s playoffs and Super Bowl.  Boss will get his looks this year just as Shockey has in the past).  

-Zach Miller (With Jamarcus Russell now running the offense, he will make his fair share of rookie mistakes but he will always look to his tight end to bail him out of trouble).

-Randy McMichael (Al Saunders has coached the likes of tight ends such as Tony Gonzalez and Chris Cooley and made them Pro Bowlers.  Will McMichael follow suit)?  

-Alge Crumpler (With not a lot of playmakers on offense in Tennessee look to Vince Young to target Crumpler a lot, especially when he is in trouble).


-Jacksonville Jaguars (never amazing, always solid as a rock though).

-New York Jets (a complete revamping could mean big things this year).

-Buffalo Bills (now healthy with new acquisitions Marcus Stroud and Kawika Mitchell, the Bills defense will be much improved than previous years).

-Philadelphia Eagles (With a stacked secondary and a decent defensive line, look to the Eagles to make something happen this year).


-Josh Scobee (on a team that can run, but not pass all that well, 3rd downs will not get converted as much, which means FG tries at every turn for him).

-Kris Brown (had his best year last year, plus, he plays more than half his games in a dome).


Go for these players later on in your fantasy football drafts.  If you do, you will be thanking us later.  Now is the time, go dominate your drafts and leagues!


To do this though, there are certain players you need to steer clear of.  Look for these selections in our next story.