West Virginia's Defense: Camouflage Ball

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIAugust 31, 2008

Yesterday's 21 point yield to Villanova by West Virginia can be explained in one sentence: Bill Stewart gave up everything underneath.

This is unusual because Coach Stew has instituted a cornerbacks-in-your-face defense, new to us in Morgantown who are used to Rodsterball and his backpedal off the bus mentality. 

Thing is, the coach chose not to use the aggressive tactics against 'Nova.  He ultimately didn't need to, so why should he tip his hand to Auburn, or to other teams team like next week's opponent, red-hot East Carolina.

Back-em-up defense is frustrating to watch.  It seemed as if the Wildcats would never get off the field.  Fans around me were extrapolating these tactics to the meatier part of the schedule and it did not look pretty.

However, hand it to Coach Stewart.  He knows there are eleven games remaining and he'll have plenty of chances to show what his athletic (albeit young) d-backs can do.