Will 13-3 Be Easy To Repeat This Season?

waylon bougieContributor IAugust 31, 2008

Last season was one for the ages, just one game shy of the Superbowl. You would think that coming off such a strong season last year that there should be no problem repeating, right?

Well, if you take pretty much giving away the greatest QB of all time who almost took you to the Superbowl a season ago...

It is gonna be a tough year since Aaron Rodgers only played in three games and in one he broke his ankle. I think we are in trouble; there is no reason you trade a QB that pretty much holds every record in football and was runner up for MVP last year.

Did the NFL turn into the CFL? For the sake of the city of Green Bay I hope to God that Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy know what there doing because if this season turns into a write-off, I would think that their jobs would be the same.

Since i am a die-hard Packers fan, I will put my faith in Rodgers. If he craps the bed, why not try Brohm? He has only been on the cover of sports illustrated since high school.

If he can't get the job done, there is always the quarterback who lead LSU to the national championship, so our options seem to be pretty good. But if nothing works out, I will sit back and close my eyes and reflect on a SMART man (Ron Wolf) who gave up a 1st round pick for some young QB named Favre...Ron Wolf would have never let this happen anyone in the right mind knows that you don't get rid of a legend.