Captain Charisma: How Adding an Old Friend Can Drastically Help Christian

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 26, 2010

I have been getting quite a few inbox messages asking me why I write so much about Christian. So before I start another Christian article, I would like to say that If I wrote constantly about, let's say John Cena, none of them would be any good since I don't know him.

Sure I could look it up but that wouldn't be the same. I have watched Christian and liked him since the vampire gimmick. Write about what you know, and in WWE, he is about all I know. so that is why.

OK now on to the article. As most of you, or at least the Christian fans, know who this person is before I say him, I would like you to think back to a great time of his career. Wrestlemania XX. Christian vs Chris Jericho.

A great match of former friends and a really good tag team (that I think could have won more than one title) that was torn apart by Jericho's infatuation with Trish Stratus. We all know how that one ended but needless to say, Christian got a new manager.

Now let's move ahead about a month later. A very seemingly normal match between Christian and Y2J, until a big guy runs in the ring, attacks Jericho and Christian gets the victory. A big guy with an awesome beard named Tyson Tomko.

Now let's face the real facts. If Christian is to ever get a major push, let alone a World Title, he can't do it as a face. Not saying he couldn't, but he is just such a spectacular heel.

Everything that has happened to him that was good came about when he was a heel: Intercontinental belts, European, the majority of E and C's tag team titles, hardcore and the Light-Heavyweight belt. Even in TNA, he was a good heel.

So imagine this. Upon Christian's return from his injury, he has a match with a babyface, say Mysterio. It's a clean match up to the end, Christian loses and shakes Rey's hand. As he does this Tomko runs out from the back, Christian hits the Unprettier, and the best heel in WWE is back.

Now I am not going to say he needs him to make it back as a great heel, but he was so much better with him. We all remember his feud with John Cena. Really how could that have been any better without Tomko. "Tomko, Gimme a beat"... "no...."

I'm still dying every time I see that.

TNA even knew how good they were together by reuniting them when Christian jumped over. Even then it was a great showing.

A great heel with a "Problem Solver" could get Christian back up in the big picture. Tomko is the answer to every Peep's dream.

Even if he would still be just a jobber, this could help. Think about how strong it would make someone look not only to beat Christian, but to beat him with Tomko in his corner.

There is really no way this could do anybody wrong. So while the chances of this actually happening are slim, it still is one of many great ways to either push Christian or get others pushed. Either way it makes for great TV; even most of the jokes they did together were PG.

So WWE, please re-sign Tomko, so if you don't give Christian a title, the Peeps can at least have something fun to watch.