Florida Marlins Rebuilding?? Don't Think So

Lawrence BlanchardContributor IAugust 31, 2008

Year after year you hear about the Florida Marlins rebuilding, yet year after year they are right there near the top of the division. It has become common for big market teams to foster young players in there farm systems and either move them to other teams to fill needs, or bring them up to the bigs at there discretion.

While most of the small market teams do not have this luxury and trade away there prospects to try and stay competitive, the Marlins have been the exception and maintain one of the finest minor league programs in either league and continue to move young talent through the levels and into the big leagues.

Look at the Double-A affiliate Carolina Mudcats, they are stacked with big league ready talent. John Raynor a speedy outfielder who leads the Southern League in steals, Gaby Sanchez the reigning Southern League MVP, and Cameron Maybin the uber prospect with five tool skills could all be starters if needed. Don't forget Chris Coghlan, Chris Mobley, and Brett Hayes who are a year or so away.

So next time you hear someone complain that the Marlins are "rebuilding" or having a "fire sale" just look back at past years and know that they are stocked from below and will be just fine.