Shonie Carter (Former UFC Fighter): "I Want To Go To The WWE"

Christopher DunfeeContributor IINovember 25, 2010

Shonie Carter, courtesy of MMAOnTap
Shonie Carter, courtesy of MMAOnTap

Considered one of the biggest athletic crossover sports in the world, professional wrestling has featured plenty of former athletes from other sports, including from the gridiron.

While there have been some competitors from the Mixed Martial Arts world in the past, with several success superstars including "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock and "The Beast" Dan Severn, it hasn't been as frequent this decade as it once was.

However, there have been plenty of former professional wrestlers transitioning into the MMA world such as Bobby Lashley, former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, and now it appears as if former WWE Champion "The Animal" Batista will even attempt to jump into the sport.

With recent pledges from Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor and former Ultimate Fighter winner "Big Country" Roy Nelson to join World Wrestling Entertainment, it appears as if he isn't the only Mixed Martial Artist that would like take his skills from the octagon to the squared circle.

In a recent online interview, Shonie Carter said he has his eyes set on a venture into professional wrestling following his retirement from MMA and five consecutive losses.

"I want to go to the WWE," Shonie Carter told Ben Fowlkes, of MMA Fighting. "I've talked to [former World Heavyweight Champion] C.M. Punk about it. He works out at my gym. ...I'm coming to acknowledge the mid-life crisis that a lot of guys go through where they get a Corvette and a hot blonde girlfriend with big boobs. I've just decided to do the WWE."

It appears Shonie has also put some thoughts into a possible gimmick when it comes to portraying a character in the world of sports entertainment.

"Overtime, that will be my name," Carter added. "Overtime, because I work hard. I put that hard hat on, I bring a lunchbox, and I punch in. If you get in that ring with me, you better punch in too, because you're going to be working overtime."

It should definitely be interesting to see if Carter can make the transition but he certainly fits the profile of a great entertainer with his flashy dress attire, colorful language, and outlandish personality. It appears as if Shonie might be a fit when it comes to possibly performing in World Wrestling Entertainment down the road.

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