First Trimester Of Serie A Is Over!!!

Pablo ImazContributor INovember 25, 2010

MILAN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 20:  Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan in action during the Serie A match between Milan and Fiorentina at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on November 20, 2010 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

With one third of Italian Serie A finished, we can start doing analysis of what has happened till now, and make predictions of what we can expect. It was easy to do in the last few seasons, when it was almost clear which one or two teams had a chance of winning the Scudetto, but this year it isn’t so easy.

The reason is simple—Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese genius created a monster of Inter. With him, they won two titles with ease, although the first one was gained in the last round due to loosing form, but they had already made great advantage in the points column. Now that he has gone to do miracles with Real Madrid, Inter is left to Rafael Benitez. Fans have never been impressed by the playing style he prefers, but he managed to get results. He succeeded a well built team, with superstars in all lines. Rafa could do nothing but to continue where Mourinho stopped...

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