Question For Jamario Moon: Where's The Drive?

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IINovember 25, 2010

Not to dampen some spirits after an impressive win against the Bucks, but reality has struck Cleveland. As one who covers Jamario Moon and has been following him since 2005, I know you (Cleveland) have had just about enough of him.

It became obvious enough when coach Byron Scott elected to start Joey Graham, who had appeared in only six games before solidifying a starting role.

This isn't a surprise, however. You weren't expected to be a competitive team and the most obvious obstacle was the small forward position. Now, the problem with Moon can be seen from miles away. It's a problem that I have noticed over my several years watching Jamario play and it's still a mystery to me. Why doesn't he drive to the basket?

My high school coach coached Moon while he was in Albany playing in the CBA, and he told me the same thing. He has always been reluctant to drive to the rim. With his frame and athletic ability, all Jamario needs to do is get a foot in the paint and he could simply take off from there.

His jumping ability is unreal and if he can't get to the rim, he'd more than likely get fouled. He's a pretty solid free-throw shooter but he never gets the opportunity to cash in from the line because he's too busy pitching the ball from beyond the arc.

Last night was one of the first alley-oops I've seen from him all year. I know that Byron Scott will never draw up an isolation play for Moon, but that shouldn't limit him from driving to the cup.

I don't know why he's hesitant to drive but it's pretty clear that it's the answer for his playing time. Combine that with an apparent decline in Jamario's defensive skills and it's obvious why he isn't seeing the floor.

One word for you, Jamario: Drive.