WWE Might Already Be Dropping The Ball On The MIz's Title Reign

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIINovember 25, 2010

This breaking potential news/rumors will make your back crack, your liver quiver and your knees freeze. WWE is already in the process of making the Miz's reign as the WWE champion short and unmemorable.

I know what you fellas are thinking, "How in the blue hell do you know that WWE is screwing up already?"

Well, after some online detective work that would move Sherlock Holmes to tears, I have pieced together tidbits of news that could give us an idea on what WWE may be planning.

First of all I bet the majority of you already heard of John Cena is going under the guise as "Juan Cena," the "Mexican cousin" of himself. Juan Cena will start appearing at house shows sometime next week.

Since John Cena will be in the audience next week on Raw, I believe we an safely assume that it'll be the same Raw where we'll be introduced to John Cena's cousin.

You surely must be thinking, "This is all fascinating news, Mr. Waring, but how does this have anything to do with The Miz?"

Well I'm glad you asked that question, as I'm just about to get to that point!

You see with the introduction of Juan Cena, the majority of the house shows were updated with his name replacing John Cena's name. One little update in particular grabbed my attention faster then you can say supercalifragi listicexpialidocious in French!

A Raw house show in Biloxi, Miss. that takes place sometime in December does not have The Miz listed as the WWE champion. Instead they do have advertised is a main event that has "Juan Cena" vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Title.

Now this is not set in stone as the WWE could change the line-up to have The Miz as the WWE Champion in a Fatal Four Way match.

For a moment let play pretend and believe without a shadow of a doubt that this line-up is set in stone and will happen.

One of those three men will be the next WWE champion and here's my very super short brief analysis on the three wrestlers who could be the new WWE champion:

Juan Cena: You got a Spanish John Cena as the new champ. Seriously, John Cena gets fired just so he an come back as a Spanish pro-wrestler and wins the WWE......that would just be stupid....

Randy Orton: So Mr. RKO regains the title back.....so that just means WWE creative wastes The Miz's MITB title shot just for Orton to regain it.....it's also would be stupid as well as he could have just kept the title and The Miz could have waited to cash it in at a later date.

Wade Barrett: Is the most logical of the three men to be the new Champ but it's still a waste of a MITB shot.

Like I said, the line up for WWE house shows are not set in stone and I may have blown a simple little thing to gigantic proportions when it could simple be a silly dumb error on WWE's part.

Whatever the case, it would be best that we keep a look out to see any red flags that The Miz's title reign will be short and for naught.

Also Happy Thanksgiving to all you Bleacher Creatures!!