The Best 10 Erin Andrews Shots: She Is in the Biz for All the Right Reasons!

Jonathan Fravel@jfravel135Senior Analyst INovember 28, 2010

The Best Ten Erin Andrews Shots. She Is In The Biz For All The Right Reasons!

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    Brains and incredible style. A knack for being in the right place, asking the tough question with a soft edge. A brief review of the reporter who has reshaped the profile on the Gridiron sidelines.

    Erin Andrews is the iconic ESPN sideline reporter who has changed all expectations of college coaches and fans for what to expect from a woman asking questions about sports.

    Her fund of knowledge is encyclopedic, exceeds the base of most readers visiting sports blogs and sports bars. Her natural beauty surpasses all expectations and sets a new standard for all who desire to follow her path as a journalist.

    When she has finished her career in sports, the folks on FOX News will greet her with open arms. Blonde bomb, educated, conservative, tactful and discreet. What a blend. What a lady. Best wishes to all who follow; the bar has been set very high.

Oh My! Does She Want To Ask Me a Question? Ask Me Anything.

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    Conservative dress on the sidelines, but cuts a profile like no one else. Knocks 250-300 pounders out of the way with just a glance. Her natural beauty is a gift from a true creator God to all who lay eyes on her.

    Her inviting look begs the question, but even the worst in the brood of men would preserve her gifts as a prize to behold, not besmirch. She doesn't demand respect; she has earned it.

    If she approached me with her mic, I would be tongue-tied and lock-jawed...simply speechless.

Worth The Gamble? Oh Hail Yeah!

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    "I gave my last chip for this photo. She took it willingly and without pause."- the gambler

    Quote from a lonely gambler; as in the casino, this chip was taken back to the bank. But a better return on the investment than those laid on the velvet tables. A $500 chip yielded this million-dollar shot.

    Photo in Getty images file. And if by chance that is not her, don't tell me. I want to think that it is!

Stage Her Anyplace, Anywhere! A Reliable Viewer's Choice

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    Fits right in...on the Hollywood runway or the ESPY stage. Put her in a James Bond movie, for crying out loud!

    She is a marquee name and gets the views in whatever venue she graces with her presence. Elegant and energetic, poised and profitable.

    Prose flows like honey from her lips. To die for!

Wholesome and Secure In Her Element

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    Born in Lewiston, Maine, raised in the Sunshine State by father Steven and mother Paula Andrews. Followed her father's career path as a journalist, matriculating from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications.

    Her knowledge is legendary, ranges from Ice Hockey to Cricket. Has worked the streets, the rink, the sidelines and the booth.

    She gets better with age, without a blemish on her journalist career. She is the complete package, the "Full Monty."

Enough Said. Just Gaze.

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    A national treasure. Should soon be voted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Casual Day Just As Stylish. I'd Drink a Beer With Her!

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    Her supernatural beauty just can't be dressed down. But she never looks out of place.

    In a bar, arcade, sidelines or stage, she exudes confidence, charm and an inviting friendliness that disarms the beast in any Alpha male.

    She can definitely have her own pick of the litter.

No Such Thing As A Bad Hair Day

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Her locks are gorgeous, hanging or pulled back. Freestyle or harnessed.

    Not a bad choice for leader of the free world.

    I'd go green, pay a carbon tax, accept a socialized health-care plan, or volunteer for service as a camel jockey just as long as she is large and in charge.

What a Mug!

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    That profile would serve as her mug shot! Are you kidding me. Who could jail that? 

Isn't She Lovely?

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    At a loss for words. The face could launch a thousand ships, even today.

Even In Sorrow. A Beautiful Sight To Behold

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    Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Erin, you are a pure and simple heartthrob. A sight to behold in this crazy, irrational world.

    An inspiration to all men and women who seek to be the best in their profession. I salute your courage, bravado and grace under pressure. I look forward to following your career in whatever direction it takes.

    I am...a fan for life.