With a Little Help From Their Friends: A Week Of Hope for LSU Football

Zacerry HerbertContributor INovember 24, 2010

Nick Foles must have a great day passing for Arizona to beat Oregon
Nick Foles must have a great day passing for Arizona to beat OregonChristian Petersen/Getty Images

After all the things that have gone LSU's way so far this season, a miracle week skyrocketting the Tigers into the top two would be just another week in the life of the Mad Hatter and his Cardiac Cats.

The upcoming week is a week full of hope for the LSU Tigers as they see three of the four teams ahead of them in the BCS poll facing very capable opponents.

While LSU has enough to worry about in facing Ryan Mallett and the Arkansas Razorbacks, they will surely be keeping an eye on three games in particular.

After barely surviving in their game against Cal, the high-powered, relentless Oregon offense must face a struggling Arizona team with something to prove. After being demolished in consecutive games by opposing rushing games, the Wildcats will look to make a stand against Darren Thomas and Lamichael James.

Up until their game against Cal, the Oregon offense looked to be unstoppable, but the Cal defense has shown that they can be contained. While Arizona isn't as explosive on the offensive side of the ball as Oregon, Nick Foles is far from a slouch at quarterback, completing 71 percent of his passes. If Foles can manage to perform as well as he has recently and the Wildcat defense can be partially effective, Arizona can escape Oregon with the win.

Although it is possible with Nick Foles leading the way, I still predict Oregon lighting up the scoreboard and taking the W.

Another game that could benefit the LSU Tigers greatly is the Iron Bowl, Auburn vs. Alabama. This type of rivalry leads to a game where records can be thrown out the window and either team could end up winning. It is also true that while Auburn is undefeated, it has been not been uncommon for quality opponents to give them a tough game. Unfortunately, in every one of those "tough games," Auburn has remained undefeated.

This week, Auburn will have to try to stop a Bama offense overflowing with talent. With Greg McElroy throwing to Julio Jones and Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram in the backfield, Auburn will surely have a tough game on their hands. On the other side, Cam Newton's impact cannot be overstated and the Alabama defense can only hope to contain him and give the Tide offense a chance to stay in the game.

Behind a solid running game led by Richardson and Ingram along with the receiving of Julio Jones, I predict Bama squeaking by Cam Newton's Auburn in a high scoring affair.

The last game on a Friday filled with hope for the Tigers is a WAC conference matchup between Nevada and Boise State. In most circumstances, a conference game for Boise State is nothing more than Kellen Moore and the Bronco offense running up the score as their defense stops opponents with ease, this game is different.

Stopping the pistol offense run by Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua, will be no easy task for Boise State. Kaepernick has been extremely impressive for the Wolfpack and he will be sure to make it a long day for the Boise State defense. For the Broncos, it would be an understatement to call Kellen Moore "impressive," and I don't see the Wolfpack defense slowing him down much, if at all.

While Boise State will be sure to light up the scoreboard, I predict the Nevada Wolfpack, led by Colin Kaepernick, winning, ending Boise State's title hopes.

While LSU will definitely be keeping a close eye on these games that could propel them into a championship spot, the Tigers can't overlook the Razorbacks. While the LSU offense has shown promise lately, they will still need to look to their defense if they hope to win.

Ryan Mallett is having a great season, leading a Razorback passing offense ranked third in the nation. If the Tigers can continue their recent offensive output and the Tiger defense continues it's effectiveness, LSU can head back to Baton Rouge with the win.

I predict the Tigers winning through a great performance by the Tiger defense and special teams.

While it would be nothing short of a miracle for LSU if Oregon, Auburn, and Boise State lost in the same week, all three could easily lose to good opponents this weekend. It is also worth mentioning that even if Oregon beats Arizona this week, which is a strong possibility, they still have an upcoming Civil War matchup with Oregon State, a game that is anything but a freeby. If the Tigers can manage a win against Arkansas, a berth in the BCS National Championship is still a possibility.