Michelle Wie, Hannah Teter and the 25 Late Blooming Hot Athletes

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2010

Michelle Wie, Hannah Teter and the 25 Late Blooming Hot Athletes

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    Michelle Wie took golf by storm as a teenager, with a well-rounded game and maturity beyond her years.

    The potential for hotness was evident, but it was difficult to express those sentiments without getting yourself into some real hot water.

    Now that she is older, it's finally safe to say she is rapidly rising up the hotness scale.

    While Wie is still blossoming, there are plenty of babes that have always been hot but were afraid to show it.

    If only they cleaned up more often.

    Here's a look at 25 late-blooming hotties who routinely wow us with their athletic achievements.

No. 25: Laila Ali

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    There's something a little scary about a woman who can pack a punch like Laila.

    As much as she wants us to focus on her abilities in the ring, she can't keep our minds from wandering.

    Give us some more, Laila.

No. 24: Annika Sorenstam

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    This pick will probably stir the pot a bit, but Annika was obviously hot.

    She just waited about 15 years too long before showing it.

    Sadly, we won't be seeing her on the red carpet ever again.

No. 23: Swin Cash

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    Almost nobody realizes just how hot Swin Cash can be.

    Like many of the babes on this list, she really should clean up more often.

    For my money, she puts Candace Parker to shame.

No. 22: Ashley Force

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    Those pesky fire retardant suits might save lives, but they also mask the hotness of Ashley Force.

    It's a good thing there is reality TV, otherwise the world would never had the chance to appreciate true beauty.

    There's nothing wrong with looking...

No. 21: Diana Turasi

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    Fear the freckles!

    We had no idea how hot Diana was until she posed in the ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, when she absolutely blew our minds.

    Rebecca Lobo certainly never looked that good.

No. 20: Sue Bird

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    Sticking with the UConn theme, it's time to give some credit to Sue Bird.

    She always looked like she could be really cute, but it was hard to focus with her sweaty ponytail stuck to her neck...gross.

    Her Seattle teammate Lauren Jackson gets plenty of love, but it's tough to top Sue's girl-next-door look.

No. 19: Michelle Kwan, Figure Skating

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    Even if you didn't like figure skating, you always had to pull for Michelle Kwan.

    She was sweet, classy and pulled off the permanent smile better than most of her fellow figure skaters.

    Maybe that's why we never realized how sneaky hot she really was.

No. 18: Brandi Chastain, Soccer

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    Brandi Chastain got so excited that she just had to take her shirt off.

    She wasn't the hottest member of the USA Women's team, but there was something so sexy about her liberating act.

    Freedom is a beautiful thing...

No. 17: Sasha Cohen, Figure Skating

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    Sasha showed off her movie star looks while skating gracefully on the ice.

    How can you not love such a sweet face?

No. 16: Natalie Coughlin, Swimming

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    That stupid Amanda Beard.

    She might be hot, but she doesn't deserve to steal the spotlight from fellow U.S. Olympian Natalie Coughlin.

    At least, not all of the spotlight.

No. 15: Jenny Adams, Track & Field

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    Jenny Adams used her long legs to make the U.S. Olympic hurdles team, then earned a spot in FHM.

    Who doesn't love a sporty chick?

No. 14: Tanith Belbin, Ice Dancing

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    Ice dancing is one of the strangest sports there is, but it is almost worth watching when lovely Tanith Belbin took the ice.

    The Canadian-born hottie ended up representing the United States in the Olympics, where she rose to fame.

    It's pretty easy to see why.

    Now, if only we knew the difference between ice dancing and ice skating...

No. 13: Serena Williams, Tennis

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    Normally, there's nothing sexier than a woman in a french maid outfit.

    That's not necessarily the case with Serena Williams.

    Serana used to be a normal looking tennis player, but in her appearance in recent years makes it difficult to concentrate.

    Her outlandish wardrobes highlight her brute strength, and her crazed intensity suggests she would like nothing more than to serve the ball at your face.

    But when she steps off the court, it's easy to appreciate her softer and sexier side.

    Just don't let her catch your stares...

No. 12: Hannah Teter, Snowboarding

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    What is it with winter Olympians being so gorgeous?

    One she got out of those warm clothes, Hannah Teter showed that she deserves a place among the hottest Olympians in Vancouver.

No. 11: Gretchen Bleiler, Snowboarding

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    What's so funny?

    Another Olympic snow bunny, Gretchen has been featured in Maxim and FHM.

    It's always so tough to tell what lies beneath all those layers... 

No. 10: Jeannette Lee, Billiards

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    Does she ever wear anything besides black?

    The Black Widow is hot enough to make you stop channel-surfing and spend a few minutes watching pool.

    If only any chicks at pool bars looked like her...

No. 9: Danica Patrick, Auto Racing

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    Danica can be hot or cold, depending on the light, her clothing and her feisty attitude.

    She has had more photoshoots than anyone on this list, and she tends to go overboard at times and produce some scary shots.

    When she keeps it simple, she looks cute as a button.

No. 8: Julia Mancuso, Skiing

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    For some reason, this picture is made much sexier by the presence of those massive ski boots.

    Julia Mancuso was one of the Winter Olympians who wasn't afraid to pose for the camera.

    We can't thank her enough.

No. 7: Michelle Wie, Golf

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    Michelle Wie is rising up rankings like this all over the magical interwebs, but she is facing some stiff competition here.

    If she ever wanted to get into modeling, there's no question she has the body to pull it off.

    Keep dreaming...

No. 6: Caroline Wozniacki, Tennis

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    Caroline Wozniacki is poised to be the next great tennis hottie.

    As an added bonus, she is actually really good at tennis and will never have to resort to modeling to earn a living.

    The grunting only adds to the sex-appeal...

No. 5: Ashley Harkleroad, Tennis

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    Ashley isn't real good at tennis, but we won't hold that against.

    She shared her talents with the world by posing in Playboy in one of the hottest photo shoots in recent memory.

    You should see the pictures we can't show you...

No. 4: Allison Baver, Speed Skating

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    Take a look at the darkhorse candidate of this list.

    It's tough to imagine what might be underneath those sleek speed skating uniforms, so it was nice of Allison to show her goods to the world.

No. 3: Daniela Hantuchova, Tennis

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    Daniela gave us a glimpse of her softer side in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

    You would never know it from looking at her thin frame, but she packs a punch on the court.

No. 2: Victoria Azarenka, Tennis

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    Victoria never looked even close to this good until she got all dolled up for an FHM photo shoot.

    We can only hope she decides to do it again sometime...

No. 1: Sarah Burke, Skiing

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    You gotta love this hot Canadian chick.

    Sarah opened up in one for FHM in one of the hottest photo shoots ever.