Marcus Jordan Video: Michael Jordan's Son Gets Big Air on Dunk

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2010

Marcus Jordan can dunk.

We don't know much about Michael Jordan's son, except that he's been in the tabloids for being able to blow money on spring break. But now there is proof that he is Michael Jeffrey Jordan's son. No DNA test required.

Though most of this video is an an anchorman auditioning for ESPN, if you can make it to the midway point you'll see MJ, er, Marcus Jordan, lean back in the air and deliver a sick dunk in the face of a defender.

So sick he salutes and gets a technical.

But all is well for his University of Central Florida team, as they won the game, and Marcus Jordan went on to score 15 points against Stetson.

Final score: UCF Knights 85, Stetson Hatters 58.

After their victory over the Hatters (great name, whatever it means), the UCF Knights are now 4-0.

Though the game wasn't that close on the scoreboard, the Knights and the Hatters have a passionate rivalry. And both teams came into the game with impressive wins on their early-season resumes.

UCF was coming off the win over the University of South Florida while Stetson opened the season with an 89-79 upset at Wake Forest

First-year UCF coach Donnie Jones can also be seen on the video, and he seems more emotionally spent than the players.

It can't be easy being a first-year coach, with the best player to ever play basketball having a son on your team.

I'm sure we'll see more Marcus Jordan slams in the near future.