Crossing Paths: Why the WWE Needs To Push the Miz Vs. Morrison Rivalry Again

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIINovember 24, 2010

John Morrison and The Miz
John Morrison and The Miz

It all started out as a dream for two men. And after recent success, I’m sure the WWE never considered that either of the two would get to this point. After all, many people forget that both The Miz and John Morrison started on Tough Enough, with Morrison participating in Tough Enough III and Miz in Tough Enough IV.

On a quick side note, former—or I guess current but on injured reserve—Nexus member Skip Sheffield was also on Tough Enough IV. That fact alone shows how different the paths of up-and-coming wrestlers can be.  Anyone remember Maven, the guy that seemingly had the perfect looking face and work ethic and was supposed to become the next big thing? The guy who was also in the same competition as current WWE announcer Josh Mathews, who happened to be a runner up! Anyone remember Matt Morgan or the guy who was supposed to take the WWE by storm, Daniel Puder?

The fact of the matter is many have tried, many have failed, but a few have managed to get themselves recognized by the WWE whether they won or lost the competition. Yet out of all those people the one guy who has managed to solidify himself as the most successful competition ever to step foot in a WWE contract competition has been The Miz. The second most successful, that would be John Morrison.

Now I don’t see too many people that dislike Morrison as a whole, but this past Raw when The Miz won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, people went crazy with hate and I don’t quite understand why. Mike Mizanin or The Miz has literally worked hard for everything he has. When he appeared on Tough Enough, people who hated wrestling made fun of him for attempting to become a wrestler and people who loved wrestling laughed at him for being a former reality star again attempting to become a wrestler. Yet the guy kept coming and even though he won second place in Tough Enough IV the WWE saw something in him, signed him and were right in doing so.

The Miz has traveled the world promoting the WWE brand, merchandise, magazine and even the video games. He has a gimmick that actually fits him and he works it to perfection with a credible amount of mic skills. If we as WWE fans are going to disrespect that then the WWE as a whole stands no chance. He’s not Triple H, Rock, Stone Cold or even CM Punk but instead is his own person trying to make his way in a business that he’s clearly fought for his place to be in. So as a person who has truthfully been a fan since day one, I’m extremely happy that Miz won the championship and I look forward to seeing what he’s able to accomplish.

Now with that being said, I do believe the WWE has a rival storyline of epic proportions in the palm of their hands. The last time the WWE had a storyline like that, it formed into the John Cena/Randy Orton feud that has since headlined many PPVs. This time it’s The Miz and John Morrison and in truth they could definitely be more of a rivalry then Cena and Orton ever were. Don’t get me wrong, I like both Cena and Orton, but I was never able to truly buy onto the rivalry besides the fact the Cena was face and Orton was heel.

Miz and Morrison just match up so much better. Consider this, Miz and Morrison both stand at 6’1", are about 10-15 pounds difference in weight, are less than a year apart in age and have been both partners and enemies. Morrison is an extreme high flyer while Miz is a great counter-artist. With those two in the title picture, the pacing of a match for the WWE Championship would be greatly sped up and could really be entertaining—and that’s just the physical part.

The storyline itself could be even more entertaining. We know of the history of Miz and Morrison. They were actually one of the better tag teams of this generation, winning both Tag Titles and even the Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year. Their Dirt Sheet series was a great way to help further promote themselves and both men were able to play off each other very well. Their success came quick and while Morrison had the look, moves and personality to make it seem like he would become more successful than The Miz he hasn’t. And in there lies the storyline.

When Miz and Morrison split up, they both fought their way to become champions, with Miz taking the United States Championship and Morrison the Intercontinental Championship, though Miz held his title for much longer. The Miz also seemingly went up against better opponents, even giving Cena some tough bouts.

Meanwhile, John Morrison seemed to stall and really never took off the way fans thought he would. Whenever they faced each other, Miz would win, having beaten Morrison all but once. In retrospect, Miz’s career has been on the up and up while Morrison’s has been either steady or in decline.

But now we have a new situation on hand. Two very important things happened this past Raw that could help the rivalry take off (three in my opinion, more on that later). The first thing that happened was that John Morrison won the King of the Ring qualifier. The second was, of course, that The Miz won the WWE Championship. 

Now I know there’s a lot of talk about Sheamus and Del Rio, if he should win his qualifier on Smackdown. But Morrison has what it takes to beat both really. If Morrison can win the King of the Ring he can make a claim to the WWE Championship. Miz can then cut promos about how he was the destined one, the better of the two, which could really lead into some intense face-to-face moments. This ultimately leads to matches with more meaning and a possible underdog face, as Morrison hasn’t really been able to beat Miz in big matches.

I said there was a third thing that happened on Raw that could also affect the rivalry and overall storyline, and that is CM Punk joining the announcing team. Quite frankly, I like him as a wrestler, but he makes for a killer announcer. As someone who’s beaten both Miz and Morrison, in the same match no less, he could come back in the midst of the feud and as another person who matches up with both men; the WWE could have a great three way feud this way. Morrison as the face, Miz as the anti-face and Punk as the true heel would set up some amazing matches and thus stop the rivalry from becoming stale like Cena/Orton did.

Alas, this is just a vision from the inner workings of my mind. I truly am a person who wants to see a Miz/Morrison rivalry renewal, as I believe those two men are the future of the WWE along with Punk, Sheamus and Del Rio. Only time will tell what will happen, but if the WWE truly is trying to get some more people on the main event scene, that wouldn’t be a bad way to start.