Aggies BLOW it to Red Wolves In opener

Fletcher WhiteleyContributor IAugust 30, 2008

After week one of college football for Texas A&M in the books it appears to be a very long season. Texas A&M was very sluggish, and acted like they have never played football before (except Mike Goodsen).

Texas A&M had a some first, a new Reveille, they lost to a present day non-bcs at home, and first time they have a droped a home opener in ten years. You can point the finger at a lot of people, the kicker who missed two kicks inside 35 yards?

No because he is probably going to get replaced. Stephen McGee for taking so many sacks? No his days are numbered as a starter. The blame should go to the defensive coordinater.

How did ASU have so many rushing yards? Harvard could have had that many when your BASE defense is a 3-2-6. Texas A&M who I praised in my last article,has now made me look stupid.