Does Arsenal Lack Adventure?

ZshanContributor IAugust 30, 2008

Gunners have long criticised Hleb for not shooting, but is he the only culprit! I am sure this will not go down very well; Arsenal's front-man Emmanuel Adebayor may be as guilty. I coudn't help but wonder when Adebayor passed Theo Walcott after sprinting in front of an open goal, ignoring it completely. Passing Theo was not a wrong decision by any means, but this is happening more and more. Ade's work ethic and quality is undoubted, he is always helping the mid-field and defence also setting up a lot of goals but rarely found inside the box. The same happened last season especially when he was played as  a lone striker, he was putting in crosses into the empty box.

Secondly, when given the ball inside or even at the edge of the box, he rarely shoots. His first priority is always to pass or put the ball in the corner which sometimes becomes agonizingly predictable. It is not important to curl the ball or delicately slip under the keeper. What really matters is putting the ball in the net in anyway possible. Ade will score lot more if he is there at the receiving end of all the sublime gunner moves  or  preferably he  should not be used as a full on striker.  The same goes for our forwards turned wingers specially Theo, they should fancy more chances just like Pires and Ljunberg.

I also suggest a change in Arsenic meter. In post-match interviews Wenger always assesses whether they have 'created' enough chances or not.  'Converting'  would not be a bad addition.  People  like  Lampard have made fortunes by being adventurous  and 'converting' odd rebounds, so why not Gunners!

This is my first article ever so be generous!