The FALL of The Orioles This SUMMER!

W. N. MoonContributor IAugust 30, 2008

It seems Orioles fans should simply petition for the season to end in mid-August.  With a pitching staff that is full of pitchers coming to the end of their "season" (i.e.:  minor league season), it is just TOO long to wait until October for this season to end!  PLEASE, make it stop!

Three of the five members in the current rotation did not start the year in the rotation (four if you consider that Daniel Cabrera is now serving a suspension for throwing at a YANKEE)!  Of those pitchers, Cabrera and Jeremy Guthrie are the only pitchers to actually have a FULL YEAR of service in the major leagues under their belts.  Without the bullpen pulling it out from time to time, who knows WHERE we'd be as a team.

But, at least their is light at the end of the tunnel and for once it is NOT attached to a train heading towards us!  Andy McPhail is trying to fix the mistakes made by the parade of front office personnel from the past 10 years.  The offense (which is likely to be traded for more pitching which could actually MAKE it into October by 2010) is actually pretty good and worth something!

So, buckle up and enjoy one BUMPY, BUMPY ride - we're DEFINITELY in for a LONG SEPTEMBER!