Da Bears!

Ryan WardCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2006

IconWho would've thought? Da' Bears finally having an accurate, consistent, touchdown-throwing quarterback. A 4-0 team, clicking on defense and offense. If you would've asked me before the season, "What do you think of the Bears?", I would have said, "They're nothing without their defense." But if you've watched Chicago over the last four weeks, you know the name of number eight, Rex Grossman. He has played awesome this season, and while making a few rookie-like mistakes here and there, he's lead the team to a W in every game.
Sunday Night Football: Chicago Bears vs. Seatle Seahawks, the defending NFC champs. Arguably the best team in the NFC, right? Wrong. Chicago basically won that game from the first snap, as Grossman went 17 for 31 with 232 yds, 2 TDs, and no INTs. Probably his best performance so far against a good defense. Those are remarkable numbers for a quarterback just getting the hang of a starting roll; he has twice as many touchdowns already this year (8) as he had in his whole career before the 2006 season.
The 6'1", 217-pound kid from Florida officially made it into the spotlight with Sunday's game, making the Bears the team to beat in the NFC...and maybe even the entire NFL. With a 4-0 record and an extremely tight defense, the future for Rex and Da' Bears looks very promising - perhaps even Super Bowl promising.  
There is only one other team/defense that is comparable to that of Da' Bears: Ray Lewis' Ravens. The biggest difference between them, though, is pretty obvious: the Rex factor. Although the Ravens have McNair and are 4-0 as well, their offense cannot score like Chicago's can. For starters, McNair is definitely on the down side of his career; he's not at MVP form like he was in 2003, when he shared the award with Peyton Manning. Furthermore, the Ravens defense is supporting the offense just like the year in which they won the Super Bowl - and that could be a disaster waiting to happen. Even though they won it all in 2001, times have surely changed, and without out an offense like Grossman's, the Ravens could be in big trouble if any of their key defensive players get injured.
As for the Da' Bears, it will be interesting to see what happens. Chicago finally has a contender (besides the lucky Sox) to route for again. It has been a long time since MJ, and an even longer time since the '85 Monsters of the Midway.
As for the Cubbies, well— Let's just focus on the positives, okay?...