Fantasy Football Week 12 Feast or Famine? Patriots, Saints and Jets, Let's Eat

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor INovember 24, 2010

Fantasy Football Week 12 Feast or Famine? Patriots, Saints and Jets, Let's Eat

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    Quick turnaround…but first… Mike Goodson you go boy!  I underestimated you and I am so

    very sorry…120 yards on Baltimore’s defense…new quarterback, three quarters of the team hurt and so

     the defense was keying on you and you put up 120 yards!!!!

    Now on to the real work…this is a short week.  This means that men who have had their bodies banged,

    beaten and brutalized are going to come back in less than 5 days and do it again.  Sure they’re

    professionals, sure they get PAID but this short turnaround is going to affect they body…and the mind. 

    So in that vein of thought let’s get some perspective on Turkey day games.

Tom Brady and The Patriots Feasting On The Lions and Suh?

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    New England v Detroit:  Last year friends and I were having a vociferous discussion on whether Detroit

    should keep the annual Thanksgiving day game.  While Detroit is a much improved team I don’t think

     this game will quell the argument anytime soon.  The only hope Detroit has is that New England

    overlooks them; while Shaun Hill is ably holding the quarterback spot for young Stafford, Calvin Johnson

    is the best insurance policy for any quarterback.  New England’s defense is suspect, they played well

    against Peyton Manning and the Colts, but come on Manning is playing with a depleted team.  But

    the Lions’ running game isn’t helping much if at all.  Jahvid Best is suffering from turf toe and it appears

    as if Morris ‘will be getting the ball.  The Lions do have Ndomakong Suh who is sporting 7 sacks, 31

    tackles and 1 interception so far this season.  What does this mean for Tom Brady?  This season Tom

    Brady has 19 touchdowns, 2362 yards and 4 interceptions.  He shredded the Steelers defense for 350

    yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and was barely rushed.  While Suh is impressive…Brady is on a

    mission…Randy who?  The matchup will be Lions defense against Patriots offense.  My turkey leg is on

    Patriots offense…Suh nothwithstanding. 

    Tom Brady…yes please

Drew Brees Will Get His and The Saints Offense Theirs Thanksgiving Day

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    New Orleans v Dallas:  The Dallas Cowboys seem to be experiencing resurgence under interim coach

    Jason Garrett.  The New Orleans Saints have figured out that teams don’t lay down for the defending

    Superbowl champs.  If Dallas and Garrett want to prove they really have heart this is a must win for

     them.  Jon Kitna was studlike against his old team the Lions racking up 147 yards with 3 touchdowns

    and no interceptions…oh yeah he ran for a touchdown also…Dez Bryant is good…really good even when

    Dallas is bad; but they have been better.  Dallas is now averaging 4.2 yards per carry.  But Felix Jones did

    not practice Monday with a hip injury, and Marion Barber must find a way to hide those dreads…he

    cannot always count on a mistaken horse collar call.  The Saints are allowing 105.4 yards rushing per

    game.  So everyone knows the Saints offense will get theirs.   So the matchup is the Saints defense

    against the resurgent Dallas offense.

    Dez Bryant…yes please

    Miles Austin…yes please

    Marion Barber…yes please

    Dallas defense…child please…the Saints will get theirs

T.O. Isn't Terrible But The Bengals Are Can They Rebound Turkey Day?

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    Cincinnati v JetsT.O. says the Bengals are “terrible”.  The Jets believe they can’t be beat…It is hard to

    believe that the Bengals defense is the same defensive players of last year, and there is absolutely no

     excuse for the ineptitude of the Bengals offense.  The Jets defense is not the terrifying dominating

    explosion they expected…but they are winning games, with a little help from Sanchez and Holmes.   The

    Bengals blew a 28-7 lead to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday and they were at home.  There is really no

    reason to disagree with T.O. at the present time; not to mention the Bengals defense is looking like a

    MASH unit.  So the matchup is…

    LT…yes please

    T.O…yes please

    Ochocinco…child please