Jeff and Matt Hardy's Shockingly Bad Judgement Displayed in CM Punk-Hating Video

Akvar MindonesContributor IIINovember 23, 2010

Jeff Hardy in the most PG-rated moment of his video
Jeff Hardy in the most PG-rated moment of his video

WWE Superstar CM Punk was blasted in a video shot in some diner featuring TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy (in a questionable state) and currently-unemployed Matt Hardy (who might just be exhausted, but maybe you're a better judge of this than I am).

This is who TNA President Dixie Carter wants to build her company around? This is where Spike TV executives Doug Herzog, Kevin Kay, and Brian Diamond believe will help be the top wrestler in a promotion that needs to start gaining traction on their network?

This is the future of the alternative brand to Vince McMahon's dominant World Wrestling Entertainment?

Celebrity news site Popwrecked has already picked up on the story, with more, obviously, to come.

You can see the video, and read more about it, on Popwrecked. No matter what you think of CM Punk, or The Hardys, this was an amazing display of bad judgement by the Hardy Boys.

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