Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Video: Couple Get Taiwanese Video Treatment

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 23, 2010

The Eva Longoria-Tony Parker video is here for your viewing pleasure. Many of you have seen videos on the Internet from Next Media Animation World Wide based out of Taiwan. Their videos are ubiquitous for their odd presentation and hilarious delivery. 

Whether NMA wants them to be viewed as such or not, these videos are downright funny. This one highlighting the Tony Parker and Eva Longoria scandal is no different. They even have one on their YouTube page explaining the recent TSA changes. 

In the posted video, the Tony Parker and Eva Longoria scandal is simplified as a matter of Tony Parker cheating on Longoria, presumably while still wearing his jersey. You may notice that the French basketball star decides to never take off his uniform. 

The other shocking detail is that while he looks at his cell phone during a game he gets a picture message that looks like either a hot dog wiener or a turd. I am still iffy on which one it is. 

Also, the affair that Parker had with Alexadra Parressant apparently took place completely at Parker's computer. 

But the saddest part of the story is that we find out the real reason the marriage dissolved: Eva Longoria refused to wear pearl necklaces. You have to draw the line somewhere I guess. 

These videos are great to highlight the vast difference in interpretations of our daily news. Seen in the Taiwanese light they look ridiculous, maybe that's because they really are.