No Pressure Bourdais; Vettel Replacement; Anyone Wanting To Drive a Toro Rosso

baz 82Contributor IAugust 30, 2008

Ok, this is an article for anyone who realizes that there is more to F1 than McLaren, Lewis Hamilton (I realize I may have just lost the majority of British/Hamilton fans already), or indeed even Ferrari.

If you've gotten this far, well done!

I have just read an article on, Berger: It's Crunch Time For Bourdais and feel the need to vent some frustration.   

In a nutshell, from the perspective of the Boss at Toro Rosso, Gerhard Berger, it says how great Vettel is (and he is, for sure), how Bourdais needs to prove he can drive a car, and how crap Liuzzi and Speed were, and how it was their fault Toro Rosso sucked the last few years!

Are they really that good now? I mean, excluding the freakish and mostly unique results at Valencia, where they just happened to have the equal best Engine in the field at a track that favors powerful engines.

Are they better than last year? Yes! 

Do the engineers and mechanics deserve some of the credit? You'd think!

Did Liuzzi do a pretty decent job in the latter half of last year when Toro Rosso seemed to find some performance? I think so!

Does total domination of America's Champ Car Series four years running prove you can drive a car fast? Apparently not!

What a guy aye!  I'd sure love to have him as my boss (NOT!). A year after you've worked there and he's still dumping on you!

Bourdais' form this year has been by all accounts inconsistent.

He can get close or even match Vettel at times, but Vettel most often seems to up his game even further while Bourdais just fades into the background. Bourdais started strong, but since a fantastic season opening race, his form and popularity has been on a decline, while Vettel's has soared.

There could be many attributing reasons for this:

(1) Vettel's just a better driver (and he probably is).

(2) Everyone admires Vettel so much and never fails to sing his praises (including his own Boss), the former American King turned European Pauper is struggling with the transition (ah, duh!).

(3) The car suits Vettel better (it does happen, look at BMW, Heidfeld owned Kubica last year but has been outpaced convincingly by him all of this year).

On a final note, and I realize this is hardly professional journalism, but I just have to get this off my chest! 

How much of a total jerk is Berger? See the above mentioned explanations. And for heck's sake, you own a Toro Rosso, not a Ferrari. Pull your head out of where it should not be mate, no one really gives a damn what you think!

I'd love to hear all your thoughts on this topic.