WWE Better Late Than Never: 10 Thoughts On General Events

Toby FoxContributor INovember 23, 2010

All rights for the picture to WWE, Wikipedia and wherever they got it from
All rights for the picture to WWE, Wikipedia and wherever they got it from

Before we begin, what the hell is up with the new TLC poster?


1. Firing of Cena

Although this is clearly not the culmination of the John Cena and Nexus programme, the firing of Cena was perhaps the most boring thing the creative team have put together. They could have literally done ANYTHING else to make this more interesting, yet they pick the safest and most boring route by making Cena leave before inevitably returning to squash Nexus. Team midcard better watch out.


2. World Heavyweight Title Match

Speaking of poor culmination, what was up with the ending of the World Heavyweight title match? Haven't WWE realised that every time they go with a dusty finish it turns into shambles (Summerslam 2009)? Kane's thank you title reign needs to end so the buildup to Wrestlemania can begin and Edge could have an interesting 10th reign with his new face persona.


3. Dolph Ziggler

The situations of Kaval and Dolph Ziggler should be completely reversed. Kaval proved yet again to be one of the most exciting and unorthodox wrestlers in the company, yet Ziggler holds the belt. Ziggler can have good matches like his one with Edge a while ago but he is tremendously overrated on the mic and has been a boring champion. Give him some time to develop his persona or replace him with the brilliant Cody Rhodes.


4. Rey Mysterio

Without a doubt Rey Mysterio is more annoying than anyone else on the roster. His constant refusal to put anyone over and his incredibly telegraphed finisher makes him a less charismatic and more selfish than John Cena, who has gained favour in my eyes due to his work with Nexus despite his probable triumph of them. Rey has been stale for a long while now, and there are much more exciting high flyers such as Kofi Kingston and as stated Kaval who could better use his spot. 


5. Evan Bourne

Speaking of high flyers, I realized why Evan Bourne is not receiving the push many think he deserves. Two words: mic skills. My old shoes have more mic skills than him, and he needs to work on it to bring it up to par with his in ring work to be a big player in the WWE or he risks being a crowd-pleasing opener for the entirety of his career.


6. CM Punk

I miss CM Punk. He is without a doubt brilliant in the ring and on the mic and is a master of the subtle nuances, which help to make his character, such as his staredown with Undertaker's grave after the Bragging Rights: Buried Alive match. Having been pushed down the card on Smackdown he could easily become WWE champion on Raw as a fresh character and can hopefully cut some amazing promos.


7. Unified WWE Tag Title Match

Watching the Unified WWE Tag Title match made me sad. Firstly, WHY would anybody think it was a good idea to use those horrible title belts? Secondly, it's even sadder to think that less than a year ago tag team wrestling was main eventing a PPV at TLC and now it has been reduced to nothing.

Sign the Motor City Machine Guns and Kings of Wrestling or just give it up, as they clearly have no idea on how to properly build up tag teams. Case in point: nobody cared about the Hart Dynasty split and DH Smith will probably become a jobber before being released.


8. PPV

The buildup to the main event was undoubtedly very good, yet the rest of the card had no development whatsoever and people will not pay the current exorbitant price for PPV's nowadays (I myself am lucky enough to be in England and therefore have access to many PPV's due to SkySports).

Can somebody please name all the current feuds going on today, and then name which ones get enough attention to make you want to tune in or buy the event as the lower and mid cards are getting dull.


9. Zach Ryder



10. "Rage" Theme

Daniel Bryan should get a new theme based around the opening few seconds of his "Rage" theme for the adrenaline blast so many other themes give (The game and Born to win).


Thanks for reading.