Vince Young vs. Jeff Fisher To Be a Repeat of Brett Favre vs. Brad Childress?

Carl D. CarlucciCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 19:  Quarterback Vince Young #10 calls a time out and confers with head coach Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans during the game against the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High November 19, 2007 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Quick, which of these tandems have, or had, a worse relationship: Vince Young and Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher, or the now-separated Brett Favre and Brad Childress?

You probably answered Favre and Childress, right?

Given a quick glance, the obvious answer is Favre and Childress. Childress was fired this past Monday by Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf. Fisher is in no such danger, at least at the moment.

But is it really that simple?

At any point did Childress alternately bench then resume starting Favre? No. Because when you get right down to it, Favre was always in control over his coach. His teammates always sided with him over Childress. It wasn't so much a power struggle as much as Childress was a lame duck.

And in the end, Childress was not fired because Favre wanted him gone, at least not on the surface. He was fired because the 3-7 Vikings, who had Super Bowl aspirations, were blown out by a combined score of 58-16 in consecutive weeks against their two biggest division rivals.

Now whether or not you want to say the rest of the Vikings players revolted against the Childress regime in support of Favre, which would mean Childress was indeed pretty much fired because Favre wanted him gone, is entirely up to you.

But with the manner in which this drama in Tennessee is developing between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young, it seems the Favre/Childress bout is some sort of amateur fight that only set the table for the championship bout we will now feast on between Fisher and Young.

Favre vs. Childress was like Manny Pacquiao vs. Clottey or Margarito. Favre wasn't going to be stopped by a scrub Head Coach like Brad Childress.

And on the surface, Vince Young stands no chance against Jeff Fisher, the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL, now in his 17th year as Head Coach of this Titans team.

But this power struggle has more potential to enthrall the bottom line on ESPN and grasp our attention than many would like to think. It has to the potential to be the real deal: Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.

Why? Because Titans owner Bud Adams has added fuel to the fire by declaring, “I talked to all of them and told them to get this thing settled down and get back to work.’’

Adams assured the media that both Young and Fisher would be back next year. But now he's unknowingly pitted them against one another in the media and in the court of public opinion like a boxing promoter.

It's not as simple as "getting it settled down."

This is the second time Vince Young has turned his back on Jeff Fisher and the Titans, with the agitated quarterback reportedly telling Fisher he wasn't quitting on his teammates, he was quitting on him [Fisher].

Now it is being reported that Vince Young was asked to leave the team facilities this Monday because "he wasn't needed."

It sure sounds like Jeff Fisher is fed up with Vince Young, who threw a temper tantrum after he injured his hand and was pulled from the Titans game this past Sunday.

Only Bud Adams seems to still have faith in Young, which should come as no surprise to anybody who has followed Young's Titans career since draft day in 2006.

It's no secret that Bud Adams was the figure in the Titans organization that was most adamant about drafting Young, even against objections from Fisher and others in the organization. After repeated incidents, Adams has continued to side with Young, common sense be damned.

And not to cast the 87-year-old Adams as the new Al Davis, but you have to question why his allegiance is so strong. Is there any football logic behind his continued support of Young, or is Adams, a native Texan, forever behind Young because of the National Championship he won for Texas?

Sure, Young is 31-18 as a quarterback, but he is also a giant headache. Adams and every Young apologist can say he is a young man that gets emotional, but he is 27 years old. At what point does that excuse grow old? How many more chances does Young get to prove he's not a volatile crybaby that throws a fit when things don't go his way?

And what happens if Jeff Fisher has finally had enough of Vince Young and tells Adams "it's either him or me?"

What would Adams do? Would he side with Fisher or Young? The quarterback who led his beloved Texas to a national championship or the coach that's compiled a 141-115 record as the Head Coach of the Titans for the past 17 years?

Luckily for Jeff Fisher, he doesn't have to worry about the situation for the remainder of this season. Young was placed on IR after tearing a flexor tendon in his right thumb. He can now focus on the team and trying to make the playoffs this year.

But now the specter of this potential heavyweight bout looms large heading into the offseason and leading up to 2011. It's not like Favre vs. Childress because it was the legendary Brett Favre butting heads with Brad Childress.

This is Jeff Fisher we're talking about. A whole generation of NFL fans probably can't imagine the Titans without Jeff Fisher on the sideline.

If it really came down to Fisher or Young, would Adams allow this to become a repeat of Favre vs. Childress in which the head coach is cast aside?

Just remember that Fisher is twelve seasons removed from the Titans Super Bowl appearance, and that Bud Adams is older than Jeff Fisher. Then, of course, there is that little matter of Young's National Championship while at Texas.

This has the potential to become more intriguing than Favre vs. Childress if Bud Adams is foolish, and his declaration for the two to just settle things indicates he might be.


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