WWE Champion The Miz: Good Move Or Bad Move?

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIINovember 23, 2010

There have been mixed responses to the Miz being the new WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank Contract.

There are those who are terribly upset and think that the title has lost some of its value, and those who are over the moon because they think the Miz is awesome.

I will try to be as objective as possible in looking at the reasons why this move was made and its potential for the future of WWE.

After climbing the ladder to success, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before the Miz would be elevated to WWE Champion.

We waited week after week, concentrating on the havoc the Nexus was creating and John Cena’s attempt to rid the company of the band of hooligans.

In the meantime, the Miz never allowed us to forget that he was the Money in the Bank Winner. He walked around with the briefcase and even tried to cash it in once, but thought twice about it and retreated.

Soon enough, he started making threats to Cena, Orton and the Nexus warning them to be on the lookout at Survivor Series.

This did not happen, but one night after Randy Orton was successful in defending his championship twice in a row with the help of John Cena (and a pre-match beating from the Nexus) The Viper would be dethroned by a person who was buying his time carefully.

Now there are two sides to the story. Firstly it may seem to some that the Miz took the easy way out seeing that Orton was obviously weakened even before his match with Barrett.

In addition this match happened 24 hours after he had a similarly gruelling match at Survivor Series. After beating all the odds, it was too much and Orton could not hold on to the belt. It was heartbreaking for him, but the perfect timing for the Miz.

Additionally, there is the view that the title has now been diminished by this act. Orton fought like a true champion defying all the odds stacked against him. By doing this, he as the WWE Champion, ‘made’ the title prestigious.

To have him lose it in the manner than he did may seem to negate all the hard work done previously and therefore make the Title seem like a joke.

Now let’s take a look from the other side of the fence. As mentioned before, it was perfect timing from the Miz. The Viper is not an easy man to beat, even if he is half beaten.

But cashing in after Orton had two title defence matches and an attack by Nexus was truly genius.

With all the focus on Cena ‘leaving’ WWE, it was the perfect moment for him to beat an emotionally and physically tired Randy Orton. After all, he did the hard work to win the Money In the Bank Contract, so he can now reap the rewards.

It is like the job of a magician, direct attention elsewhere before the trick finally happens. While we were all busy watching Cena being chased out of the arena by Nexus...we hear the music ‘I came to play’...and there he is, the future WWE Champ and the look on Orton’ s face said it all.

Now there are always going to be questions: was this the best time for him to cash it in, why did Orton lose, etc. My answer is, it may not have been the best time, but it was a good time because it made sense to do when your opponent is at his weakest.

With the commitment made to have him cash it in, Orton had to lose. No one wants another character who seems to be unbeatable.

While some of us may not like it, it happened and it was refreshing to see an episode of RAW which was filled with excitement. The Miz has also never been a character with too much of a conscience.

It did not matter to him that his moment may seem as a moment of weakness. After all, that’s what winning the contract allows you to do.

Other wrestlers have done it, who could remember Edge spearing John Cena? It is just not his style to be a positive role model like Cena and take the long way as Cena had advised Barrett to do.

Now this sets the stage for Orton and the Miz to go at it. Although Wade Barrett has been unsuccessful in a few attempts at trying to attain the title, I do not think we have seen the last of him. I also don’t think that we have heard the last from John Cena on this matter.

Whether you like it or not, the Miz is good at making you hate him and his attainment of the WWE Title is just another way of making you hate him even more.

Just go back and look at the faces of the fans in the arena; with that kind of reaction, I would have to say that WWE finally entertained us for a change.