The 50 Hottest WAGs in World Football

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2010

The 50 Hottest WAGs in World Football

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    The WAG craze began with football. Before we had lists of the hottest wives and girlfriends in the NBA, NFL, MLB and yes, even NASCAR, there was football. 

    But who is the sexiest football WAG in the world? This list aims to find out. Through extensive research (I do it all for you, loyal readers), I have found and ranked the 50 hottest WAGs in world football. It was no easy task, mind you, but, hey, anything for you guys. 

    Let's get started, shall we?

50. Victoria Beckham

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    The world's first true WAG, Posh Beckham, can still get the job done as well as anyone in the world. Her look may have changed, but much of her sexiness still remains. 

49. Melissa Satta

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    Satta is the girlfriend of recently retired Italian footballer Christian Vieri. She'd be higher on the list, but he's retired. 

48. Natalia Fassi

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    Fassi was Carlos Tevez's girlfriend for several years. Tevez cheated on her, hence the split. She's still sexy, but since she's not really a WAG anymore, she can't go higher than this. 

47. Anara Atanes

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    Atanes was the WAG of Freddie Ljundberg, but cheated on him with Keiran Richardson. So, now, she's Kieran's; at least, until she gets her claws on a new footballer. 

46. Bethany Dempsey

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    Our first American! And Bethany definitely belongs on this list, don't you think? 

45. Coleen Rooney

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    Poor Coleen Rooney. She can't win with hubby Wayne; he just can't keep it in his pants. Which is a shame, because she's definitely worthy of this list. 

44. Noemi Lenoir

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    What? Claude Makelele is still playing football, at PSG! So she definitely deserves a spot.

43. Amaia Salamanca

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    Sergio Ramos is a lucky man. A lucky, lucky man.

42. Nereida Gallardo

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    Is Gallardo still with Cristiano Ronaldo? I'm not sure; do you care? 

41. Salome Khorasanchi

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    See? Even Americans like Oguchi Onyewu can get hot model girlfriends, if they're good at football. 

40. Elisabeth Reyes

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    Reyes has been tied to Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos. She's also a model, and fully worthy of No. 40 on our list. 

39. Lorena Bernal

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    Lorena Bernal is the WAG of Everton's Mikel Arteta. Everton's stuck in the middle of the table right now, but I bet Arteta's perfectly happy. 

38. Yesica Toscanini

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    This Argentine model is dating Juan Riquelme, after causing the footballer to leave his wife and kids. Classy. 

37. Adelina Elisei

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    She's not just a WAG to Christian Chivu; Elesei is also a Romanian TV personality! I feel like lots of you want to go to Romania now.

36. Giselle Tavarelli

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    The wife of Paraguayan footballer Roque Santa Cruz, Tavarelli joins Larissa Riquelme as the most famous Paraguayans of all-time. 

35. Cheryl Cole

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    Cheryl's not a WAG anymore; she and Ashley Cole split in September. So consider this spot a memorial to one of the most legendary WAGs of all time. 

34. Ilary Blasi

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    Blasi is married to Roma striker Francesco Totti. Apparently, Italian footballers have to date models. It's a rule or something. 

33. Francesca Lodo

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    Lodo's been linked to several prominent Italian footballers, but isn't currently dating one. Give her a week and she might change that, though. 

32. Julia Goedicke

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    Goedicke is married to German footballer Marcell Jansen, and was one of several WAGs featured in Umbro's jersey logo campaign prior to the World Cup. I think you see why. 

31. Aida Yespica

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    Yespica is the downright smoldering former girlfriend of Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari (hold your jokes till the end), and is on the list because she actively wants him back. 

30. Danielle Lloyd

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    Don't be fooled by Lloyd's pretty face; the truth is, she's crazier than Tyson. 

29. Sara Tommasi

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    Tommasi has dated a few footballers in her day, most notably Filippo Inzaghi. 

28. Michelle Marsh

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    Marsh is married to Scottish defender Will Haining. He currently plays in League 2, three levels below the Premiership. Guess even the not-so-good European players get sexy WAGs. 

27. Helen Svedin

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    Guess where she's from? Here's a hint: it's a Scandanavian country that's not Finland, Norway, or Denmark. She's married to Luis Figo. 

26. Tanya Robinson

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    Robinson is currently dating Steven Taylor of Newcastle. She's not as well known as some of the other WAGs on the list, but, as you can see, she holds her own quite well. 

25. Jamelia

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    She might never have wanted to be called a WAG, but even though she's not really qualifying for the position anymore, she's still sexy enough to make the list. I think that bunny agrees. 

24. Alessia Ventura

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    Ventura is the woman to finally snag, and keep (for a few months, at least) the notorious womanizer Filippo Inzaghi. 

23. Federica Ridolfi

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    Ridolfi is currently engaged to Giuliano Giannichedda. He's a former footballer, but because no one knew who he was when he was playing, she can go this high. 

22. Sara Carbonero

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    Iker Casillas is a lucky, lucky man. And when he planted one on Carbonero at the World Cup, he let the world know that he knew it. 

21. Caroline Celico

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    Celico is married to AC Milan star Kaka. He might have a ridiculous nickname, but because he plays in Italy, he gets a model just like the rest of them. 

20. Joanna Taylor

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    Taylor is married to English footballer Danny Murphy. How he pulled that one off is one of the great mysteries of the WAG universe. 

19. Charlene Suric

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    Suric looks darn good in that French jersey. If only the national team (and hubby Gael Clichy) had managed to live up to her wearing it. 

18. Alex Curran

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    Curran is Steven Gerrard's girlfriend. If he cared about her, he'd tell her that her tag was showing. 

17. Hayet Abidal

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    Eric Abidal converted to Islam for her. Wouldn't you?

16. Alice Bregoli

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    Alice Bregoli is a lot better looking in that than husband Alberto Gilardino. 

15. Susana Werner

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    Once again, Werner looks much nicer in that than her husband, Brazil keeper Julio Cesar. 

14. Sara Brandner

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    Brandner is the girlfriend of German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who has the coolest name on the list. Because, you know, having a girl like Sara Brandner isn't enough to make you jealous. 

13. Valentina Zambrotta

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    Gianluca Zambrotta married Valentina because of her assets. I mean as an inline skater, you perverts!

12. Sylvie Francois Van Der Vaart

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    Guess who she's married to? Here's a hint: he's named for a Ninja Turtle. If you guessed Rafael van der Vaart, you win the opportunity to look at her some more. 

11. Luli Fernandez

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    Fernandez is currently married to Argentine striker Pablo Mouche, and has been called a golddigger. Somehow, even if she is, I don't think Mouche will mind much. 

10. Giorgia Palmas

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    Do you know who Davide Bombardini is? Neither do I, but his girlfriend is definitely on the WAG radar. 

9. Francesca Chillemi

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    Chillemi adds to the theory that Italian football players all date models, as she's currently married to Alberto Aquilani. I wonder what he saw in her?

8. Melanie Slade

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    For being so young, Theo Walcott seems to have made an excellent choice in Slade. Don't you agree?

7. Zaira Nara

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    Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan striker, can claim Nara as his girlfriend. When you score five goals in a World Cup, you can claim someone like her too. 

6. Carly Zucker

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    Joe Cole got to Zucker before what was probably a long line of football suitors. Given his play at Liverpool this year, I'm sure she helps him feel better when he gets home. 

5. Rosaria Cannavo

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    Cannavo is married to recently retired Italian footballer Christian Panucci. Even the retired Italians date models!

4. Alana Seredova

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    Seredova is the live-in girlfriend of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. See? I'm sending my kids to Italy to play football, plain and simple. 

3. Irena Shayk

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    Shayk is the latest in a long line of models who claim to have been with Cristiano Ronaldo. Unlike many of those, however, she has photographic evidence to prove that she's his girlfriend. 

2. Yolanthe Cabau Van Casbergen

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    It's a long name, but Wesley Sneijder's girlfriend is certainly worth remembering. 

1. Abigail Clancy

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    Clancy's the logical pick for the top spot on the list, but no one has answered my question about her and Peter Crouch. Which is, of course, how did Crouch, one of the gangliest, most awkward looking humans on Earth, land Clancy? 

    If you can answer that question, you get to look at her a bit longer.