WWE's Vince McMahon Knows Exactly What He Is Doing

John KindelanAnalyst IIINovember 23, 2010

The Tuesday Boom. Its what I like to call the Tuesday that takes place once a month, its the day that follows both a Sunday night Pay Per View and a Monday Night Raw in which enough twists and turns have taken place to drive the Internet crazy and bring out a barrage of would-be writers.

This Tuesday Boom takes the cake, not only did we have Survivor Series, considered at one time to be one of the biggest Pay Per Views of the year, but the main event of that match determined whether superstar John Cena would still be employed by the end of the night.

When have you ever watched a match and the crowd started chanting both for and against the referee? I thought Randy Orton was going to scream, he just looked at the crowd and then looked at Cena.

How does a performer enter the ring and give it their all when the crowd is cheering for someone who is not even wrestling?

The Tuesday Boom also has everyone screaming that Survivor Series wasn't worth the purchase. However they had every title go on the line, and I think we are looking too small here and not seeing the big picture.

US Championship Match: The current champ is a guy who's been with the company less than a year going up against Ted DiBiase, who was able to showcase his skills and step away from a horrible story line he was having with Goldust and John Morrison before that.

The Intercontinental Match: Newcomer and NXT winner Kaval gets a title shot, puts on a great match against a former member of the Spirit Squad. Dolph Ziggler grows as a heel and Kaval steps out of the jobber position.

The Divas championship: Lay-Cool loses, hopefully shutting them up for a bit. Despite the fact that the IWC felt they would never lose due to The Undertaker's so-called control and influence. Plus we have a new Diva champ who can actually wrestle and isn't the typical Barbie doll.

The Tag Championship: You have the evil Nexus, all newcomers, taking on the team of Santino and Koslov. Two strong performers in the ring who work just as good at the stereo typical 80s type tag team (see Volkoff and Shiek, Can-Am Connection, etc.)

The WWE Championship match: You have newcomer Wade Barrett in a title match against Randy Orton, and John Cena doesn't even wrestle!

Outside of the title matches you also had everyone's favorite John Morrison defeat Irish Juggernaut and two-time WWE champion Sheamus. The guy who took out Triple H, who held both Orton and Cena at bay, was defeated by John Morrison, interesting.

So while we want to scream and whine "Vince doesn't listen to his audience, he doesn't know what he's doing." He just gave you five brand-new Superstars in championship matches. He gave you tag team wrestling, he had Lay-Cool lose and Superman John Cena is made weak by a guy who actually looks like Superman.

But has any of this made us happy? Noooo. Why not? Because the next night on Raw we had more big matches! How dare they.

Natalya defends the title and wins.

Cena says goodbye, breaks character, cries, his voice cracks, this isn't "I'm shouting and preaching to the arena" John Cena. This is humble, albeit not likely to stay fired, John Cena.

The man actually asks the crowd to preform the "Cena Sucks" chant and calls out the fact that its guys over the age of 18! 

You have the announcement of King of The Ring Tournament, and we give the push to Bryan, Morrison, Ezekiel and Sheamus, four guys the IWC loves.

But wait THERE'S MORE! We add CM Punk to the announce team, two more WWE championship matches, cashing in of MITB and a new champion in "The Miz"!

But we still all think that Vince doesn't know what he's doing, he's ruined the show, and we could all do so much better. Well, I work in an office, I make a decent living, I do my own writing besides stuff here on bleacher and have my own web page ( www.theboompage.com (cheap plug)).

But I do not at all EVER think that Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn't know what he's doing. So while we here may get a few hundred or thousand reads, lets chew on these numbers for a minute from some of WWE's websites.

WWE on Facebook has close to 3 million people liking their page.

The article on Facebook in regards to Miz winning the championship has over 6,000 comments. 

The Miz and Orton were trending on Twitter.

There are at least 10 different articles on Bleacher inspired by the Miz's victory. 

From WWE's corporate site: 

Digital Audience:

  • For the past 12 months, our primary website, WWE.com, attracted an average of 12.7 million monthly unique visitors worldwide.
  • Educated audience
    • 77% of our audience has at least some college education and/or post graduate education
  • High average household income
    • 9% of our audience household income is greater than $75,000
  • Strong female audience
    • 36% of our audience is female
      (Sources: Omniture Site Catalyst; comScore Media Metrix ; comScore Plan Metrix )

Television Audience:

  • WWE programming reaches 14 million viewers in the U.S. each week.
  • Balanced age distribution with 78.1% of the audience aged 18 or older.
    • 21.8% of our audience is under 18 years old
    • 23.2% of our audience is 18-34 years old
    • 25.3% of our audience is 35-49 years old
    • 29.7% of our audience is 50+ years old
  • Strong female audience
    • 34.6% of our viewers are female
  • Diverse audience
    • Raw is the No. 3 most watched regularly scheduled program on primetime cable among Hispanic viewers.
    • Raw is the No. 2 regularly scheduled program on primetime cable among Black/African-American viewers.

      Source: Nielsen Media Research (6/28/10-9/26/10)

Live and Televised Entertainment:

With all programming rated PG, WWE provides 21 hours of weekly programming in the U.S. reaching 14 million viewers. Each week, fans in the U.S. tune-in to watch WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends perform on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, WWE NXT and WWE Superstars, with millions more watching internationally.

Each year, more than 7,500 hours of WWE’s television programming can be seen in more than 145 countries and 30 languages on our broadcast partners such as BSkyB, Sky Italia, Ten Sports, TV Azteca, Foxtel and Sky Deutschland.

In 2010, WWE will televise 13 live pay-per-view events and an additional 12 “WWE Presents” pay-per-view specials. Since 2000, WWE pay-per-views have generated an average of approximately $100 million in revenue and 5+ million buys annually.

This does not sound like the numbers and standings of a failing business, these lineups and story lines do not sound like a company hell-bent on playing favorites.

What it is...is politics. The angry IWC is one political party and on the other side you have the WWE and their devoted fans. Like Republicans and Democrats both groups will find something wrong with the other no matter what.

We will not be pleased, we will not be happy, what would we have to write about if everyone we wanted to be a heel was a heel, and everyone we wanted to have a championship would have a belt?

So women, children, and guys under the age of 18, rejoice! Apparently, the world is your oyster. 

Men over the age of 18 shut off your games of World of Warcraft, run down to the basement, fire up your laptops and post another angry WWE rant on how the billionaire doesn't know how to run the business.

Me, I'll sit back with my wife and kids and enjoy my show each week to see what happens. I'll visit their website, I'll play their video games and buy their DVDs and PPVs.

I'll stand up for WWE. I'm a 39-year-old professional who, when you Google my name, it comes up as a sports writer, ha! 

Thank you, WWE. Thank you, Vince. Can't wait to see what happens next week. 


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