Which Football Team Has the Best Supporters in the Barclays Premiership?

Brandon EvansCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2008

The Barclays Premiership easily sells hundreds of thousands of tickets each week, and it's all down to the fans that pay good money to see the games. But which supporters stand out the most to you as the best in the league?

The best fans are those that lift the team when they need a goal, raise decibel levels so high to the point it feels as if the away support never turned up. They don't leave after 60 minutes when they realise the deficit is too steep, and they certainly don't jeer their own team when they feel the performance needs improvement!

The best fans sell out season tickets and travel to every corner of England, following their beloved team, prepared to shout their lungs out in the pouring rain. They have anthems for every player, and every opposition player, and away teams dread visiting their ground.

They're faithful, care about their club, and kick every ball with the players during the entire 90 minutes.

Which fans have your vote?