Colin Kaepernick Closing in on All-Time Record as Nevada Faces Boise State

Michael PatmasCorrespondent IIINovember 23, 2010

Kaepernick is 110 rushing yards away from an all time NCAA record
Kaepernick is 110 rushing yards away from an all time NCAA recordJamie Squire/Getty Images

Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick is closing in on a defining all-time NCAA record.

With 9,488 passing yards and 3,890 rushing yards, he is already one of only two players in history to surpass the 8,000/3,000 mark.

He stands at the precipice of NCAA history now: 110 rushing yards are all that separate him for being the only player to pass for over 9,000 and rush for over 4,000 yards.

This stat, better than any other, defines what a dual-threat QB is. Kaepernick may soon own the stat that will mark him as the most productive dual threat in NCAA history.

He was ignored by every college football coach except one. Until this season, he was largely ignored by the pundits. But he is on the most important radar screen now because the NFL has come calling. The Kaepernick family living room has had company of late, as representatives of several NFL teams have visited. It is safe to say Colin Kaepernick will be drafted.

But before that day comes, he faces the most important game of his college career when Nevada takes on Boise State in Reno on Friday. BSU's long sought-after hopes for a BCS championship shot are riding on this game. In fact, BSU has been building toward this game for the past four years.

With a strong showing against Nevada, they might just get in. If they lose or if it is a close game, their dream ends.

What stands between BSU and destiny? Colin Kaepernick, the pistol offense and a much improved Nevada defense.

To say that folks in Boise are up for this game is an understatement. Bronco fans are predicting a blowout. Despite the fact that BSU and Nevada have played three very close games in the last three years, they are confident this year will be different.

For the record, Nevada scored 135 points against BSU with Kaepernick at the helm and lost all three games by a combined 20-point margin: two points in '07, seven points in '08 and 11 points last year.

In each of those games, Nevada got off to a bad start, dug themselves into a hole early with blunders and then mounted furious comebacks that fell just short. In fact, Nevada outscored BSU in the second half in '07 and '08 and from the second quarter on in '09.

To beat BSU will be quite a challenge because the Broncos have proven to be a very good team, perhaps the best team in the country. But no one is unbeatable. To pull off an upset Nevada must play its best game of the season. The defense will be key. They have to rattle Kellen Moore and hold his deadly accurate passing game to a minimum. They can't dig themselves into a hole again and have to avoid unforced errors.

It may be a tall order, as BSU absolutely dominated both Hawaii and Fresno State, teams Nevada struggled against. The Broncos appear to be a notch above. But on game day, anything is possible. The weather could be a factor too, as bitter cold and snow may well play a part.

However, Nevada has someone very special at QB. In the last home game of his career, it is up to the best dual threat in history to carry his team to victory.