WWE: My General Rant After Survivor Series and RAW

Elson KakaireContributor IIINovember 23, 2010

Hey there fellow Bleachers,

The last two days in the WWE has been a bit of a roller coaster and I just feel as if I gotta get a few things off my chest.

Let's start from the beginning with Survivor Series, which I think was a big let down. Except for the World title matches and the Divas match, every other match had a one-week build which is not gonna get anybody interested in the PPV.

Seems to me that WWE purposefully did this so they can have an excuse to scrap this PPV, which is something they've wanted to do for a while. For what reason I do not know, because this is one of the big four PPV events.

But I'm going to talk about what everybody wants me to, and that is the main event scene over on Monday Night Raw. I, for one, actually saw Randy Orton beating Wade Barrett and Survivor Series.

When I broke it down, it made the most sense. One, Wade Barrett is not ready for a world title yet despite how impressive he has been in the past few months. Two, it made more sense to have Randy Orton win because more people would be interested in watching the next Raw if Cena was fired instead of Barrett being champion.

I was excited to see what WWE would do with John Cena. I wanted to see if the mystery GM would save him, but I am glad that they are going to play along with the whole "he's fired" theme.

As for the Raw itself, as soon as Nexus attacked Orton on the ramp, I knew that Orton would lose his title that night, but the only question was to who.

When Barrett hit Wasteland, I thought it would be Barrett to take the title until John Cena pulled the ref out the ring and then hit Barrett with the AA.

One thing I'm confused about is that I'm sure that when somebody puts his hands on a ref that it should count as a disqualification? But whatever.

Anyways, the rest of Nexus causes confusion and Randy Orton hits an RKO to retain his title. That's when Miz comes in and wins the title, but already he looks doomed to have the good old one-month reign that most money in the bank winners seem to have.

The reason for this is because except for RVD, who informed the then-champion Cena that he was gonna cash it in at One Night Stand, every other winner of the MITB has won their championship in mere seconds.

It took The Miz around five minutes or so to beat an injured Randy Orton, who was feeling the effects of two matches with Wade Barrett in 24 hours.

How is anyone going to believe that The Miz can beat any established main eventer in a fair one-on-one match? Certainly not me after that.

I really do hope that The Miz gets a similar title run to Chris Jericho when he became the Undisputed Champion. Not only did Jericho beat Stone Cold and The Rock in one night but then he did it at the next two PPV's on seperate occasions before losing to HHH.

The only difference is that Jericho was built up properly prior to this where The Miz was not. Therefore expect The Miz to have a short run where he doesn't get a clean victory.

What I also wanna talk about is how WWE seems to have started their road to Wrestlemania. The Divas match looks set with Beth Pheonix vs. Natalya.

But what we all care about is John Cena vs. Wade Barrett at Mania. John Cena cost Barrett the title on RAW and expect Cena to continue to cost Barrett until Barrett requests that he face Cena at Mania, and if Cena wins, he gets his job back.

I know Mania seems a long way away, but they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. With Cena not wrestling a match on TV for so long, it might actually have some of the adult males cheering for him when he makes his return.

Last, but not least, I wanna talk about the King of The Ring tournament, which will take place on a special three hour Raw. One question WWE...WHY NOT HAVE THIS AS THE DECEMBER PPV!!??! O_o.

Nobody has been a fan of the TLC or Hell in a Cell PPV, so why not replace one of them with King of The Ring.

Nonetheless, John Morrison, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson and Daniel Bryan have qualified from Raw and four more will qualify from Smackdown. I just hope that Rey Mysterio and Big Show are not in this tournament because they do not need to win this.

It will not help anyone if Rey or Big Show were King as this tournament has been used to elevate mid-carders such as Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and Edge.

I would like to see Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre and MVP qualify from Smackdown as it would benefit these stars more than others. Also to make things more interesting, why not have the winner be the No. 30 entrant in the rumble, or better yet, have him earn a world title shot at Royal Rumble.

I think the eventual King of the Ring should be John Morrison and have him beat Sheamus in the finals. Not only will it continue his push into 2011 but it will give Sheamus a real reason to want to kick is teeth down his throat and also continue their feud into 2011.

Another reason why he needs to win is because WWE needs to create new stars. This year they have already lost HBK, Undertaker and Triple H to injury and Chris Jericho is taking a "hiatus" and let's not forget about Batista, who also quit.

They are trying with Sheamus, but they kind of blew it, and they are going to do the same with The Miz.

I would like to see WWE be brave and have a main event at Mania with The Miz as champion vs. John Morrison as the challenger. I know they won't do this because either John Cena, Triple H or Randy Orton will be in the WWE title match, which has been the case for the last ten years i'm guessing.

WWE can do so much from here, the potential is definitely there, but like they have done many a time, I have a feeling the WWE will drop the ball.